Door Dash Comes To Bourbon County

A national restaurant food delivery service that operates in 4,000 cities, has started in Bourbon County.

Door Dash launched its local delivery service on August 17.

Three Fort Scott restaurants so far are involved with the service: Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Hot Wok Restaurants.

Cathy Ramirez is a Door Dash Driver in Bourbon County. She started working about 3-4 years ago in the Topeka Door Dash service.

“The first day they were taking orders in Bourbon County was yesterday,” Ramirez said.

Door Dash Driver’s hours are flexible.

“We pick up things, primarily restaurant food,” she said. “My hours are about 6-7 a.m. until dark.”

All orders are done online.

“The food is paid for online before we get it,” Ramirez said.

“The Door Dash Drivers app sends us the order through our smartphone,” she said. “We accept or decline the order. I believe Door Dash notifies the customer that the order has been assigned.”

“We sometimes pick up things from Walgreen’s (Drug Store) to deliver,” she said.

Cost includes the cost of the food plus a Door Dash fee, Ramirez said.  “You can give a tip or not.”

The fee depends on how far the food has to go, she said.

To be a Door Dash Driver, one must be at least 18 years old, have a vehicle, driver’s license, Social Security Number, and consent to a background check, according to


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