Discovery Music Studio: Individual and Group Piano Lessons

Audry Eberhard in her music studio. Submitted photo.
Audry Eberhard is the sole owner and employee of Discovery Music Studio, located in the basement of her home at 410 Sunset Drive.
“I have been giving lessons for over 20 years, eight of which have been in this area,” she said. “I am just now starting to give lessons and classes in my home studio.”

She gives both individual and group piano lessons.

Some of the instruments she teaches music concepts with. Submitted photo.
“I have 3 pianos in my studio, so I can do a group of three students,” Eberhard said. “I have a curriculum that I am going to use that includes ensemble pieces. Playing in a group affords students the chance to develop accuracy while playing, because you need to get the rhythm correct as well as play correct notes.”
“Students are more motivated to practice as well because they want to sound like their friends and not make any mistakes,” she said. “It also gives students the chance to learn from each other as well as the teacher. I teach music theory in the form of a game to make the learning time more fun and games are more fun when you play them with friends.”
The cost of an individual lesson is $50 a month  with more details on her website.  The cost of the group classes is $30 a month.
“I have several different group classes: Group Piano, Preschool Group, and a beginning music group for 5-8 year olds,” she said.” I presently have openings for the Preschool Group on Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.  My Beginning Music Class presently has 3 openings and meets Thursday’s at 4:15 p.m.”
“If people are interested in other group times I do have openings in my schedule, they would just need to contact  me via my website for other available time frames,” she said. “My schedule and openings are constantly changing as more people contact me.”
Eberhard said she “wanted to figure out a way to bring in a little more income and yet do something that I loved to do. I have always enjoyed lessons in the over 20 years that I have given them.”
“I needed to build up my client base and as part of that I thought it would be better if I could have an area dedicated to my lessons rather than just a piano in my living room,” she said. “In researching, I came across the idea of group lessons for piano teaching. I have taught groups of kids other kinds of music in previous job settings so it was an intriguing idea to use this in piano teaching.”
“God blessed me with two more pianos at very reasonable costs so now I have the means of doing group piano” Eberhard said. “I am excited to see how the students respond in the group setting. There is an energy and excitement when students are learning and discovering things in a group setting.”
More of the instruments Eberhard teaches music concepts with. Submitted photo.
“I use various instruments, games and hands on activities to teach musical ideas and concepts,” she said.
She can be contacted through her website or email

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