Degree Without Debt Offered to Walmart Employees

Walmart Fort Scott, 2500 S. Main.

In May, Walmart announced a new associate education benefit program designed to help employees to enroll in college and graduate from college in certain fields of study, according to a press release.

Benefits include free college credit for Walmart Academy training and options for employees to earn a college degree without student loan debt.

Walmart employees will be able to access affordable associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in business or supply chain management.

These programs are available to full-time, part-time and salaried Walmart U.S. store, supply chain, home office and Sam’s Club employees.

Degrees will be offered through the University of Florida at Gainesville; Brandman University, Irvine, California; and Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska. These schools were selected for their focus and strong outcomes on serving working adult learners, according to the press release.

Program highlights include:

The associate contribution toward a college degree would be just $1 a day. Walmart will subsidize the cost of tuition, books, and fees, which helps get rid of student loan debt, according to a press release.


Also, associates can start their path by earning college credit for paid training at Walmart Academies. Hundreds of thousands of associates have already undergone skills training equivalent to more than $210 million in college credits. This will save associates both time and money in completing their degree.

Walmart selected universities with a specialized focus on serving working adult learners and top outcomes for the working adult demographic. Walmart is also collaborating with these universities to tailor the curriculum to relevant skills for jobs and advancement across industries for today and in the future.

The goal is for all employees who apply for admission to be accepted, and the three selected universities have a dedication to high graduation rates for their students.

Employees will receive support from a  coach on everything from the application and enrollment process to selecting the appropriate degree. This kind of academic counseling has been shown to help students complete their degree.

Walmart kicked off a scalable approach to creating educational opportunity for America’s workforce,  said Rachel Carlson, chief executive officer and co-founder of Guild Education, with whom Walmart is collaborating to provide the program.

Guild Education helps people gain an education through their employer’s tuition benefits which lead to increased employee satisfaction and retention, according to

Walmart is also leading innovation in workforce development and higher education to help associates earn college credit for on-the-job training, Carlson said.

The Lumina Foundation has agreed to research and measure the impact and effectiveness of the program and will work with the Walmart team to share findings.

Walmart’s new education program underscores the importance of education in helping employees prepare for the future with degrees in supply chain management or business. This is part of a broader approach to preparing the workforce to succeed today and into the future.

Initiatives include:

· Developing a broad suite of offerings across roles from frontline to executive levels develop job-related skills for advancement.

· Covering the complete cost for employees and eligible family members for earning a high school diploma or GED.

· Offering employees and eligible family members access to tuition discounts, financial aid assistance, and education coaching across Guild’s broader network of more than 80 accredited, nonprofit university partners, including schools such as The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Columbia University and Purdue University. These institutions are made available through EdX.

· Giving access to professional development courses including college prep, leadership training, and ESL.


Walmart associates can learn more by visiting WalmartOne.


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