Dawn Bryant, Fort Scott, Selected to Serve on the KS Pet Animal Advisory Board

Governor Kelly Announces
Administration Appointments

TOPEKA – Today, Governor Laura Kelly announced seven appointments and five reappointments to the following boards, commissions, and councils.

Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council
Purpose: To advise the Governor on adult, adolescent, and children’s services issues.

  • Cindy Sherlock, Osawatomie
  • Amber McMurray, Dighton
  • James Jones, Kinsley
  • Seth Dewey, Hutchinson

KS Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Purpose: To advocate for and facilitates equal access to quality, coordinated, and comprehensive services that enhance the quality of life for Kansans who are deaf and hard of hearing.

  • Harmony Jarratt, Olathe

Citizen’s Utility Ratepayers Board
Purpose: Provides efficient and effective legal and technical representation for residential and small commercial utility ratepayers and ensures that utilities can charge only just and reasonable rates to Kansans.

  • Danya Burks, Wichita

Agricultural Remediation Board
Purpose: To administer the Kansas Agricultural Remediation Fund and the remediation reimbursement program.

  • Laura Pearl, St. Marys (reappointment)
  • Jami Loecker, Manhattan (reappointment)

KS Dental Board
Purpose: Adopt rules, issue licenses, and conducts hearings to revoke or suspend dental licenses.

  • Maya Nunley, Wichita (reappointment)

Pet Animal Advisory Board
Purpose: To make recommendations on changes to the Kansas Pet Animal Act.

  • Dawn Bryant, Fort Scott

Physical Therapy Advisory Council
Purpose: Advises the Board of Healing Arts on the examination and registration of physical therapists.

  • Danielle Vequist, Wichita (reappointment)

KS Athletic Commission
Purpose: Supervises all regulated sports and professional wrestling performances held in the state.

  • Tom Burroughs, Kansas City (reappointment)


2 thoughts on “Dawn Bryant, Fort Scott, Selected to Serve on the KS Pet Animal Advisory Board”

  1. Pet animals? Does this cover what I see every day here in Fort Scott? The neglect of animals makes me cry and/or angry everyday. And if I voice my thoughts all I hear is this is none of my business. Dogs left on chains all day. Dogs left in subzero temperatures with no shelter. I can’t drive in any direction from my home without seeing this. Who do I call? What can I do? No one around here seems to care. It is heartbreaking!

  2. We had an animal control officer who was excellent in answering calls for abused or neglected animals…No one had done it better. For some unexplained reason (I think she did her job TOO WELL) She was let go…Many people protested but alas it did no good. When I moved here I saw a dog in a wooden box in a yard without shade in very hot weather. I was shocked when I learned there was no SPCA here. The best you can hope for is to call the animal control department at the police station…but since they let their best officer go..I am not sure of that being a good source anymore..I do know how you feel!

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