Dam Rehab Program Approved

FEMA Grant Awarded for High Hazard Potential Dams Rehabilitation Program

$409,298 awarded for use on eligible dams in Kansas


The Kansas Water Office (KWO), with assistance from Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) Water Structures Program and the Division of Conservation applied for the FY 2019 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) High Hazard Potential Dam (HHPD) Rehabilitation Grant. The approval was recently announced and Kansas is being awarded $409,298 in grant funds for rehabilitation of eligible high hazard potential dams.


“Many Kansans were able to see firsthand benefits of dams helping to minimize downstream flooding this year across the state,” said Kansas Water Office Director Earl Lewis. “Utilization of resources such as this HHPD Rehabilitation Grant will help to ensure eligible projects will function properly into the future.”


The purpose of the HHPD Grant is to make funds available to eligible dams for technical, planning, design, and pre-construction assistance. Two eligible dams, McPherson County State Lake Dam and Lake Sherwood Dam, were part of this initial Kansas request to FEMA. Both were approved and there are 34 other eligible dams with the option to apply for the grant funds through KWO. In order for a dam to be considered eligible it must be a non-federal dam located in a state with a state dam safety program, classified as high hazard potential by the state dam safety agency, have an approved emergency action plan, and pose an unacceptable risk to the public.


“Overtime, some dams have been reclassified as high hazard structures and are now out of compliance,” and,” said Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam. “With the award of the HHPD Grant funds, we will have the ability to work with eligible dam owners throughout the state to bring their high hazard classified dams into compliance. Having these dams in compliance will reduce risks to the public, decrease flood potential, and in some cases, protect critical water supplies.”


The official and final grant award notification was received by the KWO on September 19 with three years to utilize funds. The KWO will again work with the KDA Water Structures Program and the Division of Conservation to revise the grant work plan to appropriately distribute the additional funds.


For more information about the grant please contact the Kansas Water Office at 785-296-3185 or email [email protected].

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