Cut Flowers: Art and Business to Richards

Calista Ricards in her garden at 1301 S. Horton. Submitted photos.
The Little Flower Farm LLC owner, Calista Richards, sees herself as an artist.
“I love that you can simultaneously be an artist while being completely covered in sweat and dirt,” she said.
She grows, sells and delivers her product, cut flowers, from her home at 1301 S. Horton, as of January 2021.
 “I provide fresh and local flowers in bouquets and arrangements,” Richards said. “The types of flowers change as the seasons change.  You can tell what time of year it is by the contents of my bouquets and arrangements.”
  The flower arrangements are available for delivery within Fort Scott city limits, for purchase at the Fort Scott Farmer’s Market (On Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings), and for pickup on Horton Street at her home.

Directions On Picking Up

“When using Buzz for Blooms (1301 S. Horton) enter the southern driveway and go around the fence until you see a post in a pot with a sign that says Buzz for Blooms,” she said. “If I am not already outside, ring the doorbell found there and I will be out to assist you with your order.  You can even customize your purchase by pointing to things you would like out in the field.  Then, you exit out the northern driveway with your blooms– or future blooms– without ever having leave your car.”
Submitted photos.
About The Entrepreneur
“I graduated from high school in 2020, having been  home schooled  the whole time, and wanted to start a business instead of going to college,” she said. Richards believes college could not teach her what she wanted to know and “can lead to crushing debt,” she said.  “I would not shackle myself with that.”
 “There is nothing like being a part of the community this way,” she said.  “Flowers are bought for every time of life: birth, death, joy, sorrow, great occasions, and no occasion at all.  I want to see all these things and play my little part to bring beauty to all of it.”
The young entrepreneur is involved in the community, since opening her business
She is a member of the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce, the Bourbon County Garden Club, and  a board member of the Fort Scott Public Library.
In addition, “I have participated in the downtown cleanup and have done numerous fundraisers for the local cancer support group Care to Share,” she said.
Richards wanted to start a business that she could operate out of her home.
“Zoning Section 20-601.05 Temporary Uses states that you may have a business made up of seasonal sales of farm or garden produce, bulbs, plantings, or cut flowers, on an individual’s place of residence and raised by the same individual, provided no structure is constructed for such use,” she said.
Contact info
Submitted photos.
Richards is eldest of the six children of Jeremiah and Jennifer Richards.
“I have no employees but I cannot say I have no help,” she said.  “My family has been nothing but supportive and are working so hard so I can live this dream.  I could not have done it without them.”

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