County Commissioners’ Meeting 5/17/2013

Today  Bourbon County Commissioners Harold Coleman, Allen Warren and Barb Albright met to address several issues pertaining to the county and its residents.


Grader operator Randy Hayden explained his concern that the existing culverts along 250th street near the state line in his district were not functioning properly due to overgrowth of vegetation and other debris. Hayden mentioned that a farmer who owns fields along this road could not enter his field through the original entrance, but rather had to create a new entrance to his field elsewhere. Hayden expressed his view that new culverts had been installed in other places along 250th, but that the area he mentioned still needed work. County commissioners addressed the issue.

Following this issue, commissioners signed off on documents pertaining to the repairs on the Noble Road bridge. The project is expected to take 120 working days to complete.

Later today, commissioners will hold a 20 minute executive session with Schafer, Kline & Warren, a consulting company based out of Kansas City.

After discussing the Noble Road bridge project, commissioners listened as County custodial supervisor David Neville explained the ongoing situation with repairs from the hail storm in April. Neville handed out copies of a preliminary proposal from contractor Wray Roofing, Inc., as well as an email message from Jeremy DeMuth of Kirberg Company which pointed out some potential problems with Wray Roofing, Inc.’s original proposal. The main issue is that the proposal does not include replacement of insulation that would be damaged during the roof repair process. Insurance for the both the Southeast Kansas Regional Correctional Center and the Bourbon County Courthouse has not acknowledged the issues with insulation on the courthouse roof, damage to vent hoods also on the courthouse roof, or the damage to the exterior side walls of the jail. Neville opined the scope of work estimated by insurance was not exactly what it should be.

Though the insurance company has recommended Wray Roofing, Inc., Commissioner Allen Warren requested that Neville contact the insurance company once again to explain that the scope of repairs to the buildings had not been correctly estimated. Warren stated, “We’ve got to stay in line with what our insurance will pay.”

Following the discussion of county building repairs, Bourbon County Emergency Manager Terri Coop reported on the situation with regard to storm damage. Coop had encouraging reports of contractors donating labor and materials to those in need: “Contractors are already out there volunteering.” Coop also mentioned that one contractor, Tim Emmerson of KCM, offered to act as a sort of liaison for the county with other contractors. Coop says, “We have heard some bad stories [about contractors] and will continue to hear bad stories,” but she emphasized that many contractors are doing a great amount of good in the area.

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