Common Ground Offering A Valentine Concert on Feb. 10

Nevada MO musician Stephan Moses will be playing at Common Ground Coffee shop,12 East Wall Street on Feb. 10 from 7 to 8 p.m.

This is a Valentines Day Concert, so bring a special someone.

“He will be playing Jazz music and performing love songs by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra,” said Common Ground’s Event Coordinator Stacy Racy.  “All age groups are welcome to come out and spend their Friday evening with us.”

Stacy Racy from her Facebook page. Racy is the new events coordinator at Common Ground Coffee shop.

Racy’s goal is to utilize the beautiful facility while giving the community something to do on Friday Night, Racy said.

“So often we hear people say they have never been in the building and we would like to change that by offering  good coffee, pastries, food, concerts, catering, and by renting out the dock area and conference room,” Racy said.

About Stephan Moses

Stephan Moses was born in rural Northwest Iowa and came from a non-musical family. Since the age of ten, he’s been playing guitar and has a diverse musical background with influences from Crooner’s to Blues greats, according to Racy. As a singer, songwriter, musician, Moses has a love for Gospel music and Delta Blues. Mostly, he just loves to play. Moses currently resides in Nevada, MO.

Common Ground Coffee Shop, 12 E.Wall.


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