City State Bank To Be Remodeled

City State Bank, downtown Fort Scott is slated for a remodel.
An artist’s depiction of the future facade of City State Bank, following the remodel.

City State Bank is remodeling its downtown branch at 202 Scott Ave.

“The building was built in 1957,” John Hill, bank president said.”We are sticking with mid-century design.”

The canopy over the drive-in window will be replaced and a new ATM island will be installed in the drive-through, Hill said.

“It will be wider for easier access for automobile traffic,” he said.

This canopy will be replaced and the drive-through made wider, in addition, the ATM will be more accessible.

The remodel includes a new metal fascia system, new fabric awning, new wrap around awning, new stone entrance, new stone veneer and wall in the front of the building. Additionally, there will be a new sign.

Fifty-percent of drive-through transactions occur at the downtown branch, Hill said.

From 1957 to 2001, the downtown branch was the main facility.

Then a new facility was built at 1012 Hwy. 69, just south of Walmart.

“We’ve been here 18 years,” Hill said from his office at the Hwy. 69 address.

Work on the remodel will begin within 90 days and construction will take about 90 days.

“It should be completed by September 30,” he said.

2 thoughts on “City State Bank To Be Remodeled”

  1. Thank you John Hill and staff for continuing to be good citizens of Fort Scott and investing in its future.

  2. WTG, John Hill! Hard to compensate for those non-earning assets. I appreciate your investment in The Fort’s downtown! This qualifies you as the second best bank in town!

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