City of Fort Scott Response to Price Chopper Closing

“The City was made aware of the Price Chopper closing on Sunday, January 6th. We are committed to maintaining a close relationship with Associated Wholesale Groceries, AWG, to assist in finding a suitable replacement as soon as possible.”

I know how hard of a decision this was for Barry (Queen),” Dave Martin, City Manager. “He thinks a lot of Fort Scott. We will work hard to get another business in the building.”

“We are grateful to the Queen family for their investment in our community and wish them as well as their employees the very best during this difficult time.”

8 thoughts on “City of Fort Scott Response to Price Chopper Closing”

  1. I would love to see an Aldi store in Fort Scott. I live in Mapleton so driving to Pittsburg to shop at Aldi is quite time consuming and hard on my gasoline budget.

  2. stores setup like they were ,have to have alot of people spending to just offset cost.,there just are not enough people in fort scott making that type of income ,to support stores like them .905 of the people in fort scott are struggling to just get by ,and price chopper is more of a big city type store ,with prices that are based on big city wages.

  3. Really sad to hear this. Always tried to shop here when in town for they had a great selection of items. I always try to support local businesses instead of big box stores.

  4. I’ve never been to Price Chopper when the parking lot wasn’t filled. Loved it and will miss it.

    Having said that, I was downtown this last Saturday and decided to go into the other shops. Not many left and becoming a ghost town.

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