City of Fort Scott Receives SPARK Funds

Fort Scott City Hall.
The City of Fort Scott has received SPARK grants to help with COVID-19 expenses.
The Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas (SPARK)  Taskforce is charged with leading Kansas forward in recovery from the far-reaching effects of COVID-19, with funds distributed from the U.S. Federal Government, according to its website

Previously,  $9,975 was received for personal protection equipment (PPE)  and cleaning expenses the city incurred since the pandemic began in March 2020, Susan Bancroft, the city’s finance director said.

Susan Bancroft is the City of Fort Scott Finance Director. Submitted photo.


In addition, the city received $142,000 on October 9, 2020 to cover the following categories,  according to Bancroft.


PPE-$31,500 and Public Health Expenses-$15,000.


“Public Safety will receive funding to protect essential workers during the pandemic, as well as address disinfecting several community facilities,” Bancroft said.  “The City of Fort Scott will be purchasing MSA self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for our firefighters, rechargeable Gen Eon Misters to disinfect public areas, air purifiers for several locations, PPE and additional janitorial services.”


Economic Support $6,500:


“The Coronavirus Pandemic has created a completely different landscape for tourism,” Bancroft said. ” No longer are people interested in going to big cities with crowded venues.  Instead, they are looking to visit towns like Fort Scott where they can get away from those crowded areas.  Specifically, they are interested in getting outdoors.  Fort Scott and Bourbon County are uniquely positioned for this type of activity.  We have a plethora of agritourism businesses that people have greatly enjoyed visiting over the years, such as the Lavender Patch, Black Dogs Farm, Gunn Park Trails, T&C Wildlife, Anderson Elk Ranch and more.  The funds received for economic support will be used for direct mailings, professional photos, drone video, agritourism postcards and brochures and pay per click advertising.”



Technology costs $89,000:


“Travel has become very limited due to COVID-19,” Bancroft said.  “Furthermore, public safety workers need to continue educational training for certification.  These technology funds will enable a training area to be created for this purpose.  Computers for telework, a projector, tables and chairs and a whiteboard will be purchased to create this learning environment.  In addition, in order to reduce the contact when officers are out patrolling, mobile dispatch units, additional computers for telework, and an Ecitation program with printers for records management will be purchased.”








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