Chamber Of Commerce Changes

Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce Board Members present at the first coffee of 2018: from left front, Deb Needleman, Gina Shelton; back from left: Reta Baker, Alysia Johnston, Jody Hoener, Mark Lewis, Darcy Smith, and Gregg Motley. Members not present: Ken Anderson, Bob Beckham, David Lipe, Bill Michaud, Geoff Southwell, and Robert Uhler.

The Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce will have a new face welcoming the public at its office at 231 E. Wall and a new configuration of the building interior this year, along with some new divisions of the Chamber.

At the weekly Chamber coffee January 4,  Lindsay Madison, executive director of the Chamber, said Vonnie Rickerson will replace Allyson Turvey as the administrative assistant in the Chamber office starting January 8.

Vonnie Rickerson left, will be the new administrative assistant at the Chamber starting January 8. She is pictured with Lindsay Madison, right.

In an interview following the coffee, Madison said the public area of the Chamber building will be enlarged and the administrative assistant will be shifted to the left of the front door, while the tourism section will be moved to the north part of the building.

Turvey will change from a Chamber employee to a city employee.

“She will work 1/3 time for tourism, 1/3 time for economic development and 1/3 times for community development,” Madison said.

The enlargement of the public area is the result of Fort Scott becoming a regional tourism center with the State of Kansas.

“There are two other regional tourism centers in the state,” Madison said. “So there will be a lot more materials and signage, so there will be changes to the building.”

Also new this year, the Chamber board is adding an Ambassador Group “to be more in touch with our members,” Madison said. At the coffee meeting, she asked for volunteers to be an Ambassador.

Madison said the Chamber has selected a new mission statement as a result of the tourism section coming under the city direction.

Supporting businesses, building community and promoting town spirit is the new mission statement at the Chamber.

Announcements from the first Chamber Coffee of the year:

  • The Salvation Army Kettle Campaign this year netted $7,000, Allen Schellack said. Schellack is the director of Fort Scott Compassionate Ministries and the local agency for the SA.
  • The Young Professional League will soon be having its annual enchilada fundraiser in support of the Beacon, YPL Member Chris Petty said.
  • Zach Allen, Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative, said that the company is bringing fiber optic services to the city’s businesses.
  • Live Local, a local grassroots group, will be a new division of the Chamber and will focus on local businesses, Gregg Motley said.
  • The annual Chamber dinner will be March 15, Motley said.

Pictured above, the attendees of the weekly Chamber coffee mingle before the meeting began.

Each week attendees may pay $1 and tell about an upcoming event, with proceeds going to support the Chamber trolley car.

The average attendance is 40-60 people, according to Madison.







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  1. The only bad thing about Vonnie Rickerson’s new position for the Chamber is that she will be missed at Family Dental!

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