Cannon Receives Library Excellence Award

Valetta Cannon with her recent awards from the Southeast Kansas Library System and the City of Fort Scott.

A local librarian recently received a recognition by the state library system and the City of Fort Scott.

Valetta Cannon, Fort Scott Public  Library’s Youth Librarian and Assistant Director received a trophy from the Southeast Kansas Library System, along with a $1,000 check from SKLS for the library.

“The award was first publicly announced at the Southeast Kansas Library System’s annual meeting at Iola High School on June 1,” Cannon said. “The trophy, certificate, and check were presented to me at the Fort Scott City Commission meeting on September 18.
“A traveling plaque will be moved from the other staff excellence award winner’s library to ours at the end of the year. This is the first year these awards have been offered by SEKLS.”
According to the SEKLS website,
“Decisions will be based upon the extent to which a nominee exceeds the norm and provides excellent service or support, with consideration to the size and type of library of the nominee.
The committee’s decisions are subject to the approval of the Director.
Library staff: Any employee of an SEKLS library other than the director
Considerations: Excellent library staff provide quality service, seek to promote and improve library service, collaborate well with the director and other staff members, and make an important contribution to the functioning of the library.”
The $1,000 donation to the library will be used for services and programming
“I have submitted several ideas for investing the money into improved young patron services and programming to our library board,” Cannon said. “All purchase ideas for the award money are currently pending approval or revision.”
A trophy, a City of Fort Scott Certificate of Recognition, and a $1,000 donation to the public library were awarded Cannon.


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