Candidates on the August Primary Ballot: County Treasurer

This is part of the series on candidates on the August Primary Ballot.

For the Bourbon County Treasurer position, there are two candidates.

Michael Hoyt. Submitted photo.

Michael J. Hoyt, 66, Fort Scott, is one of two candidates running for Bourbon County Treasurer.

He has 25+ years executive-level corporate for an NYSE, trading $4 billion in revenues.He has managed outside legal counsel for corporate governance, environmental, health and safety issues., Workman’s Compensation claims, OSHA, EPA, and other compliance issues, acquisition due diligence, phase 1 environmental inspections and remediations. Interacted with outside auditors for areas of SEC, financial reporting, and other audit issues reporting to a board of directors, and had internal consulting roles as assigned by CEO for management deficient in performance and crisis situations.

From the University of Richmond, VA he earned a B.A. Business Management graduated Magna Cum Laude and B.A. Paralegal Studies.  From Park University, he earned a Masters in Public Administration, emphasis in Business & Government. From Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at Arizona State University, a Masters of Law. Johnson County Community College – Licensing Mediation Core and Family Law.

“The focused role of the Treasurer is to act as the ‘Banker’ for the County. To be an honest, diligent custodian of the County Citizen’s tax dollars. Achieve the highest rate of return on deposited dollars; acting in response to interest rates raising and/or falling, using a ‘laddered’ theory.  This has allowed the City of Fort Scott in the past (18) months to achieve a multi- $100k reserve to direct to projects as determined by the City Commission. Establish and achieve financial controls – checks and balances – to date has NOT provided confidence to the citizens or the Commission of transparent reporting or controls.  The audit firm states that the audits recently have less errors but must make note that producing ‘after the fact’ receipts to justify purchases is not an acceptable control.  The Treasurer’s Office functions are to be completed to the color and spirit of the Kansas State Constitution in all areas of property tax collection, delinquent property tax sales conducted on a consistent schedule, and smooth operation of the vehicle license processing through adequate training and support of personnel; fix past deficiencies and improve the services to the Citizen’s. Last but not least, to work with the County Commission to publish budgets, goals, reporting and feedback for success.”

Jennifer Hawkins. Submitted photo.

Jennifer Hawkins, 35, is the current county clerk, but is running for the county treasurer position.

She been employed by Bourbon County for the last eleven years, with five years of experience in the Treasurer’s Office.

“I am familiar with the day-to-day operations, software, and duties required of the Treasurer. My years of experience with the County have provided me with a unique opportunity to see how the duties performed in many offices all connect to help the County operate. I have created relationships with other employees, department heads, and elected officials that allows us to work together for the common goal of the betterment of Bourbon County.”

In the last few years, she has worked with the Treasurer and CFO to create policies and procedures to help avoid future audit violations and to ensure there are checks and balances present in many offices. “We have made great progress in the organization as evidenced by the recent clean audits, however; I feel there is still more to accomplish, and I can help accomplish this by using my knowledge and experience as Treasurer.”

A lifelong resident of Bourbon County, she attended Fort Scott High School and Fort Scott Community College., and has completed the Kansas Municipal Audit and Accounting Guide  financial statement training, three years of Municipal Services Budget Workshops with the Kansas Department of Administration, Revenue Neutral Rate seminars with the Kansas Department of Administration, LEAD Bourbon County with the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce, Homestead Training with the Kansas Department of Revenue, (Kansas Open Records Act and Kansas Open Meetings Act training with both the Kansas League of Municipalities and the Kansas Association of Counties, how to spot fraud seminars, motor vehicle and commercial motor vehicle training with the Kansas Department of Revenue, driver’s license examiner certification with the Kansas Department of Revenue, MSRP training with the Property Valuation Division of KDOR, as well as Subject Matter Expert classes with the Kansas Department of Revenue as well as locally with other Treasurer’s Offices in the Southeast Kansas district.”

 “I feel that collecting and distributing all money owed to the County, keeping an accounting of all money paid in and out of the County to ensure compliance with Kansas laws and statutes, and administering motor vehicle titles and registrations are the primary roles of the Treasurer.”

The most pressing issues for the Treasurer are the timely reconciliation of all accounts to ensure compliance with laws and statutes and avoid audit violations, to monitor rates for our certificate of deposits to ensure the County is earning the most interest possible, and to operate the office accurately and efficiently as the State pushes more motor vehicle duties upon the County without increasing the amount they allocate to us to operate.”


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