Bronson Day Has Been Re-energized

Bronson Day, a local community event of this small town in western Bourbon County, has been revamped.

Bronson Day has typically been held yearly in the spring and led by the Bronson Ruritan, said Kelly Perry.

Perry is part of a new organization in Bronson.

The town held an open town meeting seeking volunteers for the new organization, called the Bronson Pride Committee.

“In the past, we had a larger Ruritan group and several locals realized this was a big task to put on just one or two people in the Ruritan,” Perry said. “After speaking to Terry Johnston, head of the Bronson Ruritan we agreed to all work together to help promote the event.”

Elected to head the organization are Kayla Greenway-president, Michael Stewart-vice president, Danielle Minor-treasurer and Perry as secretary.
The event, moved from the spring to the summer, starts as 9 a.m. with a horseshoe tournament hosted by Terry Johnson.
“Bronson is the home of the first world horseshoe tournament,” she said. “This event is free.”

“We have a huge day of events planned, from free bounce houses to a mini horse pull,  a parade, a color run,  Kale Nelson’s State Farm Car Show, a three-on-three basketball tournament,a horseshoe tournament, a cornhole tournament, kids games, over 25 vendors, several food trucks, a street dance,  a live DJ, a beer garden and of course our fireworks display,” she said.

“This year we created a bit more buzz by creating not only the committee, but allowing food trucks, doubling the fireworks budget, and bringing back the street dance,” Perry said. “Board members and volunteers were able to get sponsors and received a grant from Bourbon County Regional Economic Development Inc. The funds are not all spent on one single event but are going to be used for overall community improvement and morale which includes The Bronson Day Celebration.”

“Bronson Day is just part of the vision the entire board has for the Bronson Pride Committee,” she said. “In the future, we will continue to meet and grow and make this yearly event better and bigger. We want to unify our community through ideas, efforts, and solving problems and needs. If we can motivate others we can change the community morale and continue to thrive together,” she said.

Kayla Greenway has lived in Bronson for many years and raised her four children here.

“I’ve helped with Bronson days in the past, but this year‘s planning has been ramped up by our new Bronson Pride Committee,” Greenway said. “It’s a committee we started to help clean our town up, bring awareness to community development, and come together in unity with the same goal of helping one another in our town.”

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” Greenway said. “I am excited to see what our future holds.  We are always accepting new members and our next meeting is July 6 at 5 p.m. at the city park.”

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  1. I am so glad that Bronson has brought back the street dance and other things. Way to go Bronson Pride. I wish Moran would do the same.

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