Branson Illiusionist Coming to Fort Scott For Splash Pad Project Fundraiser

Reza from his website.

A Branson illusionist will perform at Ellis Center on the campus of Fort Scott Community College on Friday, Feb. 17 from 7-9 p.m.

Tickets range from $50 to $65 for the event that is a fundraiser for the Fort Scott Splash Pad project.

Reza is a touring illusionist that performs at Branson’s Famous Theater. His performance is on a grand scale with interactive comedy and magic, according to

Josh Jones, one of the splash pad project members, talked to the performer a year ago about coming to Fort Scott and then again following the Jeff Leeson Comedy Tour on Jan. 21, which netted the project $5,000.

“They will be traveling through and will cut us a break on that day,” Jones said. “The college is letting us use the Ellis Center for free.”

Project Committee to Make City of Fort Scott Presentation

Taken from the Fort Scott Splash Pad Facebook Page.

The Fort Scott Splash Pad Committee is comprised of Jones, Bailey Lyons, Katie Hueston, Kelly Barr and Meredith Tucker.

A presentation by that committee will be made to the Fort Scott City Commission on Feb. 7 at the city meeting, he said.

They will be presenting the proposed location of the splash pad on Skubitz Plaza, and show an architects rendition of the project.

At completion of the build, the project will be donated to the City of Fort Scott for public use.

“To run it, it is estimated to be $5,000 a year in maintenance and operation costs,” Jones said.

Josh Jones.

All together, the cost for the project is estimated to be $200,000, he said.

“Two years ago, Kristin and Will Bishop reached out to me about a splash pad project,” he said. “We didn’t move it forward until a year ago.”

“We thought it would be a two year project but with gracious grants from Walmart for $40,000 and Timken LLC for $75,000 and other community members it is moving forward,” he said.

In addition to those big grants, on Nov. 29 during the national Giving Tuesday day, an anonymous donor gave $10,000 to the project and the project had a $10,000 match plus $10,000 from other citizens, he said, totaling $30,000 for that day.

Jones said the water park project is around $120,000 and any money extra will go towards landscaping, shade and seating at the site, plus possibly a public bathroom there as well.

The project is estimated to be completed this year.

About the Illusionist

REZA has taken the art of illusion to a new level, delivering his rock concert style magic show to audiences across the globe, according to press release from Reza.

Reza’s current tour transports concert level lighting and production elements merged with cutting-edge magic. Reza has garnered a  loyal fan base with his passion for creating signature grand-scale illusions such as making motorcycles and helicopters materialize out of thin air!

Reza’s unique brand of illusion has landed him on popular reality shows across 31 countries, including recent U.S. television appearances on A&E’s Duck Dynasty and The CW’s Penn & Teller : Fool Us.

Audiences can expect to witness such illusions as passing through the spinning blades of an industrial fan, a record breaking recreation of Houdini’s most famous stunt, and the appearance of a real helicopter, live on stage.

Reza infuses state-of-the-art production elements, comedic timing, and numerous interactive and inspirational moments, allowing the audience to experience the magic first hand. Perhaps Reza’s greatest secret is his uncanny ability to communicate his performance art on such a personal level.

Reza’s new show, “Edge of Illusion,” has earned various awards including “Magician of the Year.”





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