Bourbon County voters’ voices are heard

After months of campaigning on the local as well as the state and national level, new leadership as well as incumbents were again voted into office after Bourbon County residents turned out to vote.


The non-official results were slow in coming Tuesday evening as votes from nine different poll stations in Bourbon County were brought to the courthouse, with a group of people watching local and national election news together at the courthouse waiting until almost 9 p.m. before local results were announced.

While many of the candidates for Bourbon County positions ran unopposed, the sheriff’s position and 3rd District County Commissioner were decided, with Sheriff Bill Martin being reelected, receiving 3,552 votes to opponent Mike Feagins’ 2,352, and Nick Ruhl being selected over incumbent Harold Coleman for the commission seat, receiving 961 votes to Coleman’s 577.

More than 6,000 of the 11,643 registered voters in Bourbon County cast votes, more than 1,000 taking advantage of early voting while more than 4,000 voted on Election Day. Results will become official after canvassing, which will likely be accomplished by the end of the week.

Other approximate results from Bourbon County included presidential nominee Donald Trump receiving 71 percent of the votes, United States Senate incumbent Jerry Moran receiving 72 percent, United States House of Representatives incumbent Lynn Jenkins receiving 76 percent, Kansas Senate District 12 incumbent Caryn Tyson receiving 76 percent and Kansas Senate District 13 incumbent Jake LaTurner receiving 63 percent of the vote.

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