Bourbon County Treasurer’s Office Closed Until Dec. 28

Patty Love. Submitted photo.
The Bourbon County Treasurer’s Office in the courthouse closed Monday afternoon  Dec. 14, because employees were COVID-19  quarantined.
The office will remain closed until Monday, Dec. 28.
Residents who need to do business with the office have some options.
“We cannot extend the due date for taxes, they are still due Dec. 21 which is Monday,” Bourbon County Treasurer Patty Love said.   “People can pay online by going to the clicking on government, then treasurers, there is a link on that page.”
Another option is bringing the taxes to the courthouse entrance.
“There is a dropbox that people can put payment in, on the right wall by the double glass doors coming into the courthouse entrance,” she said.
They can also be mailed but time is of the essence.


“They can also mail them in, we are accepting postmark of December 21, 2020 to process them as on time,” Love said.
Vehicle Tag Renewals
“Renewals for tags can be dropped in the same dropbox along with payment and proof of insurance and we will mail out the sticker,” Love said.  “
“If you need to register and title a vehicle we have a title-work-by- mail-form that is in a box next to our dropbox they can fill it out and put it in dropbox along with their paperwork, title and proof of insurance,” Love said.  “We will call them when we get a total.  Once we receive payment we will mail the tag to them. “
“They can also call our office at 223-3800 x 803 and we will email or mail forms to them,” she said.
“We realize this couldn’t happen at a worse time for our office,” Love said.  “We appreciate everyone’s patience and are sorry for the inconvenience.”

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