Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center Update

Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin. Submitted photo.

The kitchen refrigerator and cooler didn’t fit in the new law enforcement center. Twice.

“The first two that came in would not fit,” Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin said. “There was some miscommunication between the architect, the construction company or the company building the fridge and cooler.”

The refrigerator and cooler are custom built and have to meet certain requirements, he said.

The good news is, the custom-built refrigeration system has arrived and is being installed, Martin said.

Following installation, there will be a final inspection by the state fire marshall.

“It was delayed until everything is in place in the kitchen,” Martin said.

“We have some additional training once that is met, ” he said. “We should be able to open the door and have inmates the end of January to the middle of February.”

The new law enforcement center is located at 293 East 20th Street.

Sheriff Bill Martin in the command center of the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center, October 2017.
Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center, October 2017


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