Bourbon County has good turnout for caucuses

Both the Democratic and Republican caucuses held Saturday had good turnouts from Bourbon County as residents participated in choosing their preferred presidential candidates for the general election in November.

3-7 Caucus

Registered Democratic voters of Bourbon County were divided between different locations according to which state senate district they lived in. District 13, the southern portion of Bourbon County, caucused in Cherokee and had a total of 684 voters, with 456 voting for candidate Bernie Sanders while the remaining 228 voted for Hillary Clinton.

Those local results coincided with the rest of the state, with Sanders winning with almost 68 percent of the votes, receiving 23 delegates.

The Republican voters also turned out Saturday to vote in conjunction with Linn County at the Linn County fairgrounds.

Rhonda Dunn, vice chairman of the Bourbon County Republicans said the two counties combined turned in about 350 ballots during the 2012 caucus, but this year Bourbon County alone had 351 votes while the location had a total of 846 ballots cast. Because of the large turnout, the location ran out of ballots and had to use index cards instead.

Ted Cruz received the majority of Bourbon County votes at 187, and would go on to win the state with 48 percent. Donald Trump received 87 votes, Marco Rubio 43 and candidate John Kasich 33 votes.

3-7 Caucus 2

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