Bourbon County COVID-19 Update

SEK Multi-County Health Departments

Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, and Woodson Counties

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

August 10, 2020

” Bourbon County has received a number of presumptive cases lately,” Rebecca Johnson, the administrator said.  “I have changed current positive cases to current active cases, so the active case count is understood.”




Allen County

Current Active Cases 8
Positive Out of State-Staying in Allen County 2
Total Hospitalizations 2-1 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 13
Total Positives Since Testing 20
Deaths 0

Anderson County

Current Active Cases 2
Total Hospitalizations 0
Current Recovered Cases 29
Total Positives Since Testing 31
Deaths 0

Bourbon County

Current Active Cases 11
Presumptive Cases 13-1 listed on KDHE website, tested negative
Positive Out of State/County-staying in Bourbon 11
Total Hospitalizations 8-0 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 79-includes presumptive cases
Total Positives Since Testing 79
Deaths 2

Woodson County

Current Active Cases 1
Total Hospitalizations 1-0 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 11
Total Positives Since Testing 12
Deaths 0

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