Bad Art Good People Auction Tonight

Bourbon County Arts Council members Deb Halsey and Elaine Buerge welcomed guests of the Chamber coffee Nov. 15.

The Bad Art by Good People 2018 Art Exhibition was the feature of the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce weekly coffee Nov. 15 at the Ellis Center.

Deb Halsey, board member of the Bourbon County Arts Council told guests the auction is this evening (Nov. 15)at 7p.m. at the Ellis Center located on the campus of Fort Scott Community College. Marty Read will be the auctioneer.

“This is the fifth year of Bad Art by Good People,” Halsey said. “It’s our number-one fundraiser. Ninety-seven people have painted for us over the years and let us auction it off.”

Chamber members look over the artwork Thursday morning.

This year’s artists are Laura Agee, Karen Billiard, Susan Carillo, Rhonda Dunn, Bob Eckles, Lucy Gladbach, Kristin Gorman, Emily Hinkle, Jody Hoener, Rebekah Houses, Linda Jackson, Casey Lewis, Laura Meeks, Susan Messer, Bryan Ritter, Addi Smith, and Clyde Wendel.

“There is a great variety of artwork,” Halsey said.

The exhibit is open for viewing at 7 p.m. this evening for voting on a favorite piece of work.  Appetizers are served.

At 7:30 p.m. the auction starts.

Kale Nelson looks at the artwork at Ellis Center.

Some of the activities of the BCAC are providing scholarships for students pursuing art, Project Art at Fort Scott Middle School, the Gordon Parks Poetry Contest, musical concerts for the community and schools, Art Walks, and a summer patio concert series at Crooner’s Lounge.

“Come out and vote on your favorite piece of art and help us to continue to promote the arts in our community,” Halsey said.

Betty Boyko drinks coffee while looking over the artwork.

Bourbon County Arts Council Members are Deb Anderson, Tedene Tucker, Dan Magee, Ray Streets, Terri Floyd, Steve Floyd, Elaine Buerge, Rob Shaw, Laura Meeks, Breann Martin, Chris Woods, and Halsey.



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