Ashley Heathman Is the New Assistant Director at the Beacon

Ashley Heathman. Submitted photo.
Ashley Heathman, 32, started her new job as assistant director at The Beacon in May 2023.
“The Beacon is a not-for-profit food bank that helps families and individuals facing food insecurity, ” she said. “We also do some financial assistance to help pay utilities and certain necessities.”
“I answer the phones, process The Beacon applications, and help our members find other resources,” she said. “Along with day-to-day activities to keep The Beacon running smoothly.”
She and Beacon Director David Gillen are the only employees of the helping organization.
“The best thing about my career is being able to help families in need and seeing the relief on their faces when they realize you care!”  Healthman said. “The most challenging aspect of this position is not being able to do more to help in certain situations, but we do the best we can!”
Heathman is currently in the process of getting an associate’s degree at Fort Scott Community College for business management.
“I have worked in health care most of my life which really prepared me for this position, as opposite as they are, you need a big heart to fulfill the duties in both career paths.”

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