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January 6. Post 25 meet and greet starts at 630 pm in Memorial Hall.

January 6. Post 25 general membership meeting starts at 7 pm in Memorial Hall.

January 9. American Legion Auxiliary Unit 25 meets at 600 pm in Memorial Hall. ( DATE CHANGE)

January 9. American Legion Post 25 Color Guard meets at 730 pm in Memorial Hall. All Post 25 Legion family members can join the Post 25 Color Guard. This includes Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion Squadron members. ( DATE CHANGE)

January 31 – February 2, 2020. Department of Kansas Midwinter Forum at Fort Scott.

The Voice for Today’s Veterans and Military
January 2020

Department Commander
R.C. “Chuck” Shoemaker
Department Adjutant
Jimmie L. Foster

Notes from the Department Commander
Fellow Legionnaires!

This past year saw many activities by posts and districts as the American Legion observed its’ 100th birthday. The Legion Family members joined together in holding celebratory gatherings throughout the state. Many gatherings included local dignitaries from cities and communities who expressed their appreciation to the Legion for our service to veterans and grateful citizens.  Veterans Day activities provided opportunities for inclusion in parades, remembrance ceremonies, visitations to veterans housing facilities, all of which fulfilled our mission and enabled the public to realize the Legion’s contribution to our State.

While it is important for the citizens to be mindful of what we do, as it certainly contributes to membership recruitment, it is also important, and essential, for a record of our activities to be kept and reported.  We do this by informing Congress once a year of what we are doing to support the veterans and our communities.  The information is submitted by each post, using the Consolidated Post Report (CPR), to National and ultimately reported annually to Congress.

National Commander Bill Oxford has set a goal of 100% reporting for Departments.  To ensure accurate reports, each of us must provide posts with our Legion activities that support veterans and provide service to communities.  Any and all valid activity by a member should be included.  In addition, a report without activity will not be used in the final tally for National recognition.  Let’s help the Commander make the goal.

A word about Operation North Pole, and the word is OUTSTANDING!  With the ALR and Roger Beckley, Chairman of the ALR Committee, taking point position, this year’s occasion was truly enjoyable. The volunteers traveled to Fort Riley in Junction City from all over the State.  Seeing all those children of soldiers enjoy visiting Santa (Doug Evans), receiving presents, eating cookies provided by many Legion Family members (how ‘bout that Auxiliary?), was and is worth every minute as everyone agreed.  Thanks to those that attended and to those who provided a photographic record of the fun on Facebook.  Thank you one and all for what you did for the Kansas American Legion in 2019 and what will be done in 2020. Pat and I wish everyone a prosperous and memorable New Year!

For God and Country,

RC “Chuck” Shoemaker
Department of Kansas
The American Legion
[email protected]

Notes from the Department Vice-Commander and Membership Chairman
The New Year is here, I hope each of you are finding it prosperous thus far.  I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on 2019 and the accomplishments of this great organization.  Our national website publishes a Membership Impact Report each month that keeps us up to date on what is going on in the American Legion across the nation.  You can find these impact reports at  These reports can also serve as a great recruiting tool, whenever a potential member asks what it is that The American Legion does, just bring up a recent copy of the impact report and share it with them.  In case you are wondering what kind of information you can find in these reports and are a little reluctant to look for yourself I will mention a few in an effort to tempt you into checking them out.

In January the American Legion through Temporary Financial Assistance cash grants disbursed $1,030,163.  Most of which were delivered to active-duty junior enlisted members of the U.S. Coast Guard with minor children at home who missed their mid-January paychecks due to the federal government shutdown.

Only counting those helped prior to April 30, 2019 The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance program assisted 3,163 children.  More than 1,730 military and veteran families received over $1.05 million in emergency help to pay for shelter, utilities, food and clothing.

In April at The American Legion National Oratorical Contest $138,000 in scholarship money was awarded to competitors.  That does not consider the scholarships awarded at the Post, District, or Department levels!

During the four months that this statistic was listed, there were 38 American Legion-supported job fairs and career events.  These are only the ones reported to National to be put on the National website at  There are likely many more that are not reported to National.

Over 3,000 accredited American Legion service officers around the world provide free veterans benefits counseling and assistance for approximately 750,000 claims at any one time.

Many posts, particularly the smaller ones, but the larger ones are guilty of this too, sometimes feel that what they do isn’t important, they are wrong.  Toot your own horn, brag on yourself, let people know what we do and why.  People want to belong to an organization that makes a difference, you might be surprised at the potential members that ask to join once they know how great of an organization we are.

For God and Country,

Marri Krupco
Department Vice-Commander
The American Legion, Department of Kansas
[email protected]

Department Adjutant’s Newsletter December 2019
GOLD STAR DEADLINE — FEBRUARY 1, 2020: This is the last day to qualify for the Gold Star Club and other awards.  Membership counted for these awards must be received at Headquarters by February 1. Adjutants must report their membership awards to Department Headquarters no later than February 15, 2020.


MID-WINTER FORUM AT FORT SCOTT: January 31, February 1, 2, 2020. Hotel is the Sleep Inn and Suites, 302 E. Wall St. telephone 620-223-2555 rate is $99.00.  Other hotels are the Rodeway Inn, 101 State Street, telephone 620-223-0100 and the Travel Lodge, 2505 US Highway 69, telephone 620-955-4283. You must identify that you are with the Kansas American Legion to receive the reduced rate. A great program is being planned.  See information in the Sunflower Legionnaire for more details and a schedule.

DUES NOTICES: The January dues notice will be in the mail shortly for all members whose 2020 dues were not received at Department Headquarters by December 10, 2019. Every member who has not paid their dues should be contacted by your membership workers. As of December 20, Kansas still needs 6,146 members to reach its nationally assigned goal. We need more renewal, reinstatement and new members — remember everyone on active duty is eligible for membership.

LEGISLATIVE PARTY: Mark your calendar for January 15, 2020 as the date for the Legion’s annual Legislative Party. Location again this year is the CAPITOL PLAZA HOTEL, 1717 SW TOPEKA BLVD., TOPEKA, KS 66612. Several issues important to Veterans and Veterans Benefits are expected to be brought before the Legislature. Reservations may be sent to Department Headquarters, 1314 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS 66612.

INCORPORATION: Posts should be incorporated thereby relieving your Post Officers and members of liability incurred by the Post. Simple annual reports are required to maintain incorporated status.  If your Post is already incorporated, you should have received your annual report to be filed with the Kansas Secretary of State.  If your Post is not incorporated and it should be, or you have not received your annual report, contact the Secretary of State’s Office, 1st Floor, 120 W. 10th St., Topeka, KS 66612, phone 785-296-4564.

ORATORICAL CONTEST: Your Post should be promoting this great scholarship program for high school students. Information has been sent to all schools and has been published in the Sunflower Legionnaire. Information is also available online at

RENEWAL POST CARDS: Department Headquarters has a supply of the 2020 Membership Renewal Post Cards. These post cards can be very effective when sent to delinquent members. Contact Headquarters with the number that you need.

EMPLOYER AWARDS: Information and nominating information for National’s Employer of Veterans Awards and the Award to Enhance the Lives of Disabled Persons is available on our website and by contacting Department Headquarters. These nominations must be received at National by January 15. Headquarters relies on you to submit nominations; the winner may as well be from your community; perhaps your employer or firm. Please consider an employer in your town for this honor.

CHALLENGE: This month each Post is challenged to poll their membership asking what improvements, activities, or programs they would like to see at your Post. This challenge can be accomplished very easily through a simple letter to each member, be sure to ask how they would support their suggestions (either financially, by volunteering their services or time, or all three).  You never know until you ask, and you may increase more members’ involvement which can improve your Post.

AMERICAN LEGION SCHOOL AWARDS:  Looking for a way to establish a good working relationship with your local schools? The American Legion School Award Program provides an excellent means to recognize boys and girls in Elementary, Junior High or Middle School and High School for their courage, honor, leadership, service, scholarship and patriotism at little expense. Students are proud to receive this type of recognition and their schools often welcome the opportunity to include the program in their spring activities.  Awards are available from Emblem Sales and your Post’s membership performance can earn these awards for presentation at no cost to the Post.  Contact your schools now to schedule a presentation.

A REMINDER NOMINATIONS for National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and National Firefighter of the Year must be received by January 15, 2020 here at Department Headquarters. These awards are presented every year to deserving officers and firefighters at National Convention.  The rules and entry information for the Law Enforcement Officer Award are available at  Rules and entry information for the Firefighter award are available at

CONGRATULATIONS:  To Robinson, Fairview, Leonardville, Lincolnville, Allen, Wichita #424, Little River, Hoisington, Phillipsburg and Agra for making QUOTA. (As of December 26)

DISTRICT STANDINGS AS OF DECEMBER 20, 2019:  District IX, 932 – 83.14%; District I, 3,506 – 82.03%; District IV, 2,662 – 80.23%; District VI, 1,238 – 79.72%; District II, 3,125 – 79.42%; District V, 2,554 – 79.10%; District VII, 1,427 – 78.93%; District III, 1,790 – 75.72 and District VIII, 743 – 75.43%.  Department Headquarters Post 58 (included in Dept. total) is 818.  Total membership is 18.795.  Membership last year this date was 19,581.  We are BEHIND 796 members.


Upcoming Events

January 15, 2020

January 31 – February 2, 2020


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