Arkansas Family Purchases Safe Valley Outfitters

Craig Whitmire and his son Caleb Whitmire are the new owners of Safe Valley Outfitters, Uniontown.

Craig Whitmire and his son, Caleb, have been coming to Safe Valley Outfitters, Uniontown,  since 2015 to hunt.

Safe Valley Outfitters is located off the Uniontown Square.

Craig is a businessman and farmer from Strawberry, Arkansas.

He and his son  liked it so much they came every year since, Craig said.

The Whitmire’s purchased the business from Ron Eldridge and Terry Kirby in January 2022.

“We feel fortunate to purchase it,” Craig said.

For those who don’t know, a hunter outfitting business provides equipment, supplies and guides for hunting trips, according to Webster Merriam Dictionary.

Caleb takes the hunters to the sites on the approximately 8,200 acres they have leased from local landowners for hunting.

“I show them where they (the wild game)  are and let them have at it,” he said.

“The landowners and farmers are a vital part of the success of this business,” Caleb said.

Caleb gets help from his brothers-in-law, Will Smith and Tyler Murphy to prepare the land for hunting.

The Whitmore family, from left to right: Tyler Murphy, Caitlin Murphy, Baylor Murphy, Will Smith, Madalyn Smith, Craig Whitmire, Josie Whitmire, Rena Whitmire, Caleb Whitmire and Kortni Whitmire. Submitted photo.

Craig has three daughters ranging in age from 25 to six years old.

“Caleb and the boys (son’s-in law) do scouting, they put up blinds, tree stands and cameras and put out corn (for the deer),” Craig said.

Whitmire said the family business is contributing to the local economy.

“We buy corn from local guys,” Craig said

They also have a bank account in town, eat in local eateries in Bronson and Fort Scott, which also adds to the local economy, he said. They will also pay taxes on the several buildings on the property site, on Uniontown’s square.

The Whitmires are farmers, and Strawberry, Arkansas is about the size of Uniontown, both with a population 300 people Craig said.

Whitmire has several other businesses.

“We run 1.2 million broiler chickens through the year,” Craig said. “We are contract growers through Poultry Egg Company.”

He also has a commercial hay business and a chicken litter business and in addition, a fabrication shop.

But the father and son enjoy hunting and are looking forward to having a successful outfitters business in Kansas.

First Hunt This Season

They had their first Youth Hunt starting on Labor Day.

A Kansas Youth Hunt is for 17 year olds and younger, who possess a valid deer permit and may hunt while under the immediate supervision of an adult 18 or older, according to Kansas Wildlife and Parks online information.

“We had seven hunters with their dads,” Craig said. “From our hometown area in Arkansas.”

They will have hunts until December, then turkey hunting season starts in April-May, he said.

They have packages for archery, muzzle loader, and rifle hunts that include lodging, meals and the guide service.

The lodge with the processing building to the right in the photo.

The lodge has six recently-remodeled bedrooms and an on-site processing building for hanging up the deer for butchering, Craig said.

A bedroom in the lodge of Safe Valley Outfitters.
The processing building for cutting up the deer.
The commons area of the lodge was recently remodeled and includes a fireplace, TV, eating area, lounging area and snack area.

The Whitmires purchased the building just north of the lodge for a home while they are here running the business.

The Whitmire home is located north of the Safe Valley Outfitters buildings.

Craig and wife, Reina, along with Caleb’s wife, Kortni are the cooks for the groups. Caleb and Kortni were married this last March.

Parts of the family will live on-site during the hunting seasons.

Upcoming hunters are coming from Alabama, New Jersey, Mississppi, Louisiana and Georgia, Craig said.

Most of their clientele have heard of the business through their Facebook page and some are repeat clientele.

“This area is a premier hunting location,” Craig said. “The area has a potential for trophy white tail deer. The ratio between bucks and does is really good.”

“The deer are bigger here,” Caleb said.

Contact information: 870.844.1898.






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