Aglow: Prayer Support For Schools Aug. 12

Praying for and supporting our schools will be the topic of the August 12th gathering of Fort Scott Aglow Lighthouse.

Guests are welcome to visit this interdenominational ministry opportunity for women, men, and youth.

The ministry desires to worship, pray, fellowship, and grow in unity. The goal of Aglow International is: Every nation touched, every heart changed.

Fort Scott Aglow Lighthouse meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the conference room of Fort Scott Inn, 101 State Street.

We welcome our guest speaker, Linda Kay Woodworth, Kansas State Prayer Coordinator for Aglow International.

Linda Kay has spent over 35 years in Aglow, having held several leadership positions and she now serves on the North Area Aglow Board. She lives in Topeka with her husband, Bill. She is a former high school language arts teacher. She is currently working during the legislative session at the state capital as an office assistant to a senator.

Linda Kay loves to introduce people to the Holy Spirit and does so every month in the ladies’ prison. She believes that the Kingdom of God is not meat or drink: but righteousness, peace, and JOY in the Holy Ghost.

We bless our schools with the Goodness of God. Many political issues are affecting our children. We need to understand Biblical justice and be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might to stand for truth and wisdom.

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