4-H Game of Democracy 

Carla Nemecek is Southwind District Director and agent.

Submitted by: Carla Nemecek, Southwind Extension District Director 


The Southwind Extension District Iola Office is currently in the process of relocating from the Allen County Courthouse to 1006 N. State Street in Iola. While the move was unexpected, the new building is more visible and accessible to the public and we are looking forward to possibilities.

Moving is good for cleaning and each day brings a new discovery of informative and historical Extension publications. Most recently, the 1966 National 4-H Club Foundation “Game of Democracy” surfaced and I can’t help but be amazed at how relevant the information is today.

The forward states “Every phase of our daily life and the lives of those about us is touched by government. We ask our government to protect our well-being and it demands that we insure the well-being of others.” Additionally, “The 4-H program is often referred to as a democracy in action. 4-H teaches citizenship responsibility to its members in a democratic climate. Everyone is born a citizen, but citizenship needs to be learned.”

While the box, cards and instructions are more than 50 years old, the ideology of the game remains steadfast with 4-H. The Game of Democracy is intended to simulate learning experiences to help adolescents learn about our democratic society, and Kansas 4-H currently offers leadership and citizenship opportunities through work in 4-H clubs and project learning experiences.

If you want your family to explore ways to be involved with the community while gaining valuable hands on life skills then now is the time to join 4-H in the Southwind Extension District.

There are 21 4-H clubs in Allen, Bourbon, Neosho and Woodson Counties with club leaders who are motivated to teach your kids science, technology, engineering and math skills while involving them in club and project meetings that demonstrate leadership.

The Southwind District is currently celebrating our annual 4-H achievements and I continue to be impressed by the volume of community service that our clubs give back to local communities.

We have all been affected by the global pandemic, and sometimes I’m not even confident in where my workday or week will lead me. However, I know for certain that the 4-H program in the Southwind District is a strong and vibrant program with much to offer for families with rural or urban backgrounds and families who are interested in contributing to more vibrant local communities.

4-H really is a game of democracy – and while it has changed since 1966, 4-H continues to equip our youth with the skills it takes to lead our communities into a future full of hope and promise.

For more information about joining 4-H, visit www.southwind.k-state.edu and find the Southwind Extension District on Facebook.

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