2017 Official Election Results

Final results of the 2017 General Election were made with 1,501 out of 11,667 voters making the calls.

Fort Scott City Commission: Robert Nichols, 650; JoLynne Mitchell, 565; Cheryl Adamson, 451. The top three candidates in votes were declared the winners.

Mayor of Bronson: Alan Stewart, 58; Lee Roy Whitcomb, 20.

Mayor of Fulton: No filings; Misty Adams was declared the winner with 11 write-in votes.

Mayor of Mapleton: No filings; Ronald Burton Jr. was declared the winner with 3 votes out of 7 write-in votes.

Mayor of Redfield: Clarence Ed Guss, 20. There were 13 write-in votes.

Mayor of Uniontown: Larry Jurgensen was declared the winner with 19 write-in votes out of 26.

City Council of Bronson: Clearsia Botts, 65; Geraldine Reeder, 61; Michael Stewart, 51; write-in winner is Joshua Marlow, 46; Charlotte Stewart, 43. The top five candidates in votes were declared the winners.

City Council of Fulton: All were write-in candidates: Robert Durbin, 11; Larry Paddock, 11; Stuart Cook, 11; Michael Clooney, 8 and Phillip Gratton, 4.

City of Redfield Council: Kirby Martin, 31; Mike Beerbower, 30; Richard Smith, 25; Clarence Ed Guss, 20; Wilma Graham, 17.

City Council of Mapleton: Both were write-in winners: Homer Wisdom, 3; Mike Blevins, 2.

City of Uniontown Council:  Jess Ervin, 12; Amber Kelly, 11.

USD 234 Position 4: David Stewart received 723 over Geoff Southwell with 431.

USD 235 Position 4: Brian Stewart, 243.

USD 234 Position 5: Gary Billionis, 947.

USD 235 Position 5: Mike Mason, 242.

USD 234 Position 6: Jamie Armstrong, 981.

USD 235 Position 6: Tyler Martin, 256.

Southwind Extension District: Terry Williams received 1,170 over Ethan Holly, 783.

Fort Scott Community College Board of Trustees: The top three candidates were declared the winners: John Bartelsmeyer, 1,170; Tina Rockhold, 923; Liz Meyer, 689.

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