New Tourism Sign Coming To Downtown Fort Scott

Fort Scott Community Development Director Rhonda Dunn shows the deterioration of the planters on Skubitz Plaza that will be demolished and a new tourism sign installed.

An unsightly part of Skubitz Plaza is being redeveloped by the City of Fort Scott to showcase a sign that depicts the city’s history.

The plans were approved by the city commissioners Tuesday evening.

Plans are for all parts to be completed by the Good Ol Days annual celebration, the end of May this year.

Two brick planters on Old Fort Boulevard at the north end of Main Street have been repeatedly hit by vehicles turning right.

The planters that will be taken down are the closest to the camera. They are located on Skubitz Plaza at the north end of Main Street in downtown Fort Scott. The new tourism panel will be placed to the east of the planter on the left.

“We’ve repaired it a number of times,” Rhonda Dunn, the city’s community development director said.

“This has been a long-term project for several years,” she said.

Serendipitously, a proposal for a new sign for tourism came along, she said.

“There is no downside to this,” Dunn said. “The broken planter will be gone and a new by-ways sign will go up.”

The new Frontier Military Historic  Byway sign panels will depict the history of Fort Scott and some tourism highlights as well.

Dunn shows the spot where the new tourism sign will be installed, out of the way of traffic.

The place where the western planter is currently will be an open space, the eastern planter will be removed also, then the by-ways sign installed, just slightly to the east.

City workers will remove and salvage brick that can be reused, Dunn said.

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The Bourbon County Master Gardeners tend to the planters in Fort Scott’s downtown area as a community project.

“The master gardeners will remove plants from the planters, ” Dunn said.


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