Bourbon County Commission Agenda For Feb. 20

The following is the agenda for the Bourbon County Commission 9 a.m. Feb. 20.


Bourbon County Commission Room

2nd Floor, County Courthouse

210 S. National Avenue

Fort Scott, KS 66701

Tuesdays starting at 9:00

Date: February 20, 2018

1st District-Lynne Oharah Minutes: Approved: ____________

2nd District-Jeff Fischer Corrected: _______________

3rd District-Nick Ruhl Adjourned at: _______________

County Clerk-Kendell Mason

9:00-9:45-Jim Harris

9:15Culvert request at 625 Maple Road

9:30 AT & T 225th & Locust

9:45 -Waiver & release from Liability/ Drywood

10:00- Fire District petition

10:15- Meeting to learn about Mills/Vision Meeting

10:30- 10:45- Executive Session Attorney- Client Relationship

11:00- 12:00- Revitalization Program –Agricultural, Commercial & Residential

12:00- 1:00 -Commissioners gone to Lunch

1:15- 1:30 -Smoking Policy

1:30- 1:45- Budget & AG Opinions

2:30- Employee Handbook

Justifications for Executive Session:

Personnel matters of individual non-elected personnel

Consultation with an attorney for the body or agency which would be deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship

Matters relating to employer-employee negotiations whether or not in consultation with the representative(s) of the body or agency

Confidential data relating to financial affairs or trade secrets of corporations, partnerships, trusts and individual proprietorships

Preliminary discussions relating to the acquisition of real property

Matters relating to the security of a public body or agency, public building or facility or the information system of a public body or agency, if the discussion of such matters at an open meeting would jeopardize the security of such public body, agency, building, facility or information system

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