Planning Commission Business: Zoning

The Fort Scott Planning Commission: from left facing the camera, Pam Hightower, Mitch Quick , Diana Endicott, Mark Lewis, Fort Scott Economic Director Rachel Pruitt and Darcy Smith. Not pictured: Carol MacArthur and Mark McCoy. Not present:  Jared Leek and Geoff Clark. With back to the camera is city clerk Diane Clay, left and administrative assistant Allyson Turvey, right.

The Fort Scott Planning Commission met Jan. 22 at city hall to recommend a new member and review the five-year comprehension plan they have been working on.

Members of the commission are Geoff Clark, Mark McCoy, Diana Endicott, Carol MacArthur, Pam Hightower, Jared Leek, Mitch Quick, Mark Lewis and Darcy Smith.

The group reviewed three chapters of the plan and made arrangements to finalize it and present it to the Fort Scott City Council in early March.

The group also discussed letters of interest to serve on Planning Commission from two interested residents, Josh Jones and Frank Adamson.

In the end, Jones was selected to serve.

“Tell Frank it’s nothing against him,” Diana Endicott, chairman of the group, said.  The group decided since his wife is on the city council it might cause issues.

The group will meet February 1 to discuss zoning the old trailer park property, Endicott said.

The function of the planning commission, according to the city’s website is to:

  • Review and adopt (as well as update) the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Fort Scott
  • Establish zoning districts and allowable uses
  • Review zoning regulations within the City
  • Review requests for special permits or conditional uses within certain zoning districts in the City

The Commission also reviews site plans for planned areas and is responsible for zoning within the three-mile limit of the City of Fort Scott.   They meet on an “as needed” basis.
There are 10 members who serve three-year terms. Seven members must reside within the city limits, three may live outside the city limit.

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