Eclectica Opens At National And Wall

Becky Cowlishaw opened her store Eclectica on Oct.1 at the corner of National Avenue and Wall Street. The shops hours can be seen on her entry door.

Becky Cowlishaw loves to buy and sell items, and she like auctions.

“Years ago I managed the Kress Tea Room and Pie Pantry from 2007-2008  and then the Village Shops,” she said.

“I’ve collected for a long time.”

On Oct. 1, Cowlishaw opened her shop she calls Eclectica by Rebecca Kaye at 2 S. National Avenue.

In this shop can be found antiques, home decor, jewelry, collectibles and some $1 items, she said.

Johnny Walker, John Cowlishaw, Josh Jones, Linda Wilson, Matt Lybarger, Vonda Ngigi, and John Walters also bring items to sell on consignment in her store.

“I don’t operate by booth space and I’m not looking for more consigners,” she said.

Cowlishaw believes her specialty is staging merchandise or decorative design.

“I really like making the colors come together, using odds and ends and making it work,” she said.

Cowlishaw has another passion.

In addition to Eclectica, Cowlishaw purchased the old First Christian Church, at 101 S. Judson, and renamed it Bethesda Christian House of Mercy.

She is the senior pastor at the church, while her son Jerrod Cowlishaw is the associate pastor.

“I live at Bethesda and soon will open a women’s ministry,” she said.

Cowlishaw can be reached by phone at 620-215-3158.

Pictured are some current items in Electica.

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  1. How marvelous, Becky! Great idea with a unique look. I have added to the Visitor’s Guide I created for our guests.

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