USD234 School Bus Involved In An Accident on Feb. 22

Submitted photos by Clayton Whitson at the scene.


On Monday afternoon, Feb. 22, a USD 234 School Bus was attempting to cross  12th Street at the HWY. 69 bypass with a  destination of the Fort Scott Middle School, according to a USD 234 Facebook post by Superintendent Ted Hessong.


A semi-trailer hit the front of the bus, he said


“Everyone on the bus is fine physically,”Hessong said on the Facebook post.  “The bus driver was obviously shaken up, and the students, around 20 of them appeared fine.”


“A few USD 234 staff were on the scene to help with the students and I want to thank them for helping to manage the students and parents, they did an excellent job,” he said.  “We were able to send most of the students with their parents once the highway patrol released the students from the scene. We did need to transport a few students on a substitute bus.”


“We are thankful no one was seriously injured and I appreciate everyone who helped to manage the situation for the safety of our students and driver.”


Fort Scott Police Chief Travis Shelton said the Kansas Highway Patrol worked the accident.



3 thoughts on “USD234 School Bus Involved In An Accident on Feb. 22”

  1. I think the buses should use East National for getting from one side of town to the other. Just a few blocks out of their way. No crossing the bypass

  2. I’ve seen those big tractor trailer rigs blow thru these intersections on the bypass so fast, so often, and at times running red lights that what is surprising is how few accidents like this have happened !
    I see the police all the time on the southbound shoulder exit ramp at the Wall street intersection. So many times literally everyone knows to at least behave there.
    What I do NOT see is the police monitoring speeding traffic on the bypass where they need to be, or at least need to be more often.
    I’m all for truckers making a living, but they shouldn’t be allowed to blow thru our town on the bypass like I have witnessed them doing on a regular basis.
    Last thought, maybe it was the school bus drivers fault? I hope not, but it still doesn’t change any other facts I have witnessed.
    We need some more protection on the bypass before some really bad tragedy happens here.

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