Sport of Axe Throwing Comes To Fort Scott

Mac Stoughton has a  plan is to open an axe bar/ throw house, at 212 East First Street, behind Doctor Patterson’s office.


Mac Stoughton. Submitted photo.

“As of now, we are planning to open around the end of June beginning of July,” he said.  “We will have available two double lanes and four single lanes and also a knife lane.”

“There are no age requirements as long as there is a parent or guardian present,” Stoughton said.  “We had a 12-year-old on our team that destroys most men, Ella Campbell. If you are over 18, you’re  good to go.”
“We are planning to operate from 4  to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and Monday and Tuesday will be league night,” he said. “Saturday and Sunday we will open from 1 p.m. to midnight, as of right now. Depending on how many sign up for a league.”

“We will be doing a weekly league that will consist of seven weeks of gameplay and on week eight, a tournament,” Stoughton said. “To see who has what it takes to be number one!”

“The leagues will consist of a standard hatchet, hatchet duals, big axe, and knife throwing,” he said.

“The cost will be $20 per person per hour, 12 and under $15 per hour per person,” he said. “I’ll have a group rate upon request and also private parties available.”

“Walk-in customers will be able to experience the zin of slinging steel and if you have never thrown…. no worries we can teach you,” Stoughton said.

“We have thrown with the best in the world,” he said. ” When you arrive at M’axe you get to pick a lane and we will coach you and get you started on how to throw.”

“We want to make everyone’s experience fun!” Stoughton said. “The sport of ax throwing goes way further than just the competition… this sport instills sportsmanship and is not just for the athletic or talented …. this sport is anyone’s and almost all ages.”

“If you can score high enough to rise to the top, you could have the opportunity to go to the ax-throwing U.S. open or the world finals (competitions). “I have been to 2020 world finals and the 2021 U.S. open, and man what an experience!”

” Axe throwing is new and it can be dangerous,” he said. “It’s part of the beauty of the sport. So… throw better!”

A bullseye landing for this axe thrower. Submitted photo.



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