Online Classes Pose Some Challenges For Middle School Student

Alexis Tourtillott at home doing online school work. Submitted photo.


Alexis Tourtillott, age 11, attended Fort Scott Middle School until the COVID 19 Pandemic, closed down classes nationwide in March 2020.

Tourtillott started about a month ago to do lessons with teachers on the internet as a part of USD 234 Continuous Learning Plan.

“I started four weeks ago and I am doing online school for about five classes,” Tourtillott said via an email interview.

“A typical school day is waking up, doing a zoom class, then work,” she said. “I probably spend about one-and-one-half hours on it daily.”

She has faced some challenges, she said.

Submitted photo.

“Doing my work at home is kind of hard because there are so many distractions,” Tourtillott said.  “My greatest challenge is pushing myself to do the work even though I don’t want to.”

“I think the new learning plan is going well, especially for the amount of time the teachers had to plan for it,” Alexis mother, Amy Wiltse said. “I cannot imagine the stress that this causes for them.”


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