No Good Ol’ Days This Year, Next Year We Celebrate!

Downtown Fort Scott in a prior Good Ol’ Days Celebration.

The annual Fort Scott event of Good Ol’ Days, the first weekend in June,  will not happen this year.

The event is provided by donations from local businesses and individuals, Shawn O’Brien, chairman of the Good Ol’ Days committee, said.

“With everything that has happened (the effects of the pandemic stay-at-home orders), with people losing their jobs and businesses going under, we didn’t feel we could ask for donations,” O’Brien said.

The group met last week, and made the decision then.

Members of the committee are O’Brien; Melissa Wise, treasurer; Cheryl Van Hoecke, treasurer; Tim Van Hoecke, in charge of vendors; Kayla Hall, secretary; Charlotte Thompson, in charge of logistics; Kelsey DeMott and ShayLynn Clements, in charge of kids activities and Janet Braun, “the guiding light,” O’Brien said.

The group meets monthly following the annual event, except July, to plan all the components that make up Good Ol’ Days.

Vendor registration, donations drive, putting entertainment in place, securing a carnival contract, planning kids activities are the tasks that require months of planning.

Next year the organizing committee will facilitate the event on June 4-5, 2021.

The theme, Family, Friends and Fun, will be held for next years Good Ol’ Days celebration.

“It would’ve been 40 years this year, we’ll celebrate the 40 years next year,” O’Brien said.


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