New Venture For the Shead Family: Organic Homestead Festival

The Shead family, minus three grandchildren who hadn’t been born yet. Submitted photo.

Larry and Vickie Shead are opening their farm next week for the community to view the organic homestead they have created.

All the Sheads will be helping on the day of the Organic Homestead Festival, including themselves, their adult children and their spouses, along with their 20 grandchildren.

The Organic Homestead Festival has several purposes.

“To share our family farm’s story-touring the farm, which will be laced with the history….to show our gardens, orchards, high tunnel, animals, bees and others, to supply ideas and information from what we learned in 43 years, to stir up interest in sustainable organic lifestyle, to sell products: produce, plants, kittens and poultry, to serve lunch for hungry people, to strengthen the community with other like-minded people and to sign-up for future classes,” Vickie said.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with single tickets-$5 or a family, $20.

A walking taco meal will be available for an additional $5.

Vickie Shead inside the high tunnel greenhouse on their farm.

To view a Shead YouTube on spring planting:

Education is an important part of the Shead farm. Pictured is a graphic depicting all parts of a carrot, with the plant featured below the graphic.
Part of organic farming is natural pesticides. Pictured is a praying mantis nest.
This old turkey was roaming free on the farm on May 7.
Beehives on the Shead farm.

There will be a SheadStead Market Store with fresh produce picked that day, veggie powders-which add nutrients to any meal, Guatemala sun hats, egg-gathering aprons, and herbal salves.

Vickie Shead demonstrates the egg apron’s usefulness. The aprons will be for sale on the day of the festival.

In addition, they will be selling some of their animals: peacocks, turkeys, chicks, ducklings, and kittens.

Poultry will be for sale at the Organic Homestead Festival.

“We have always been a farm where people would come to learn and help,” she said. “Now, we have seen an increase in people asking us for information on how to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables.”

Rows of vegetables on the Shead farm on May 7.

“Gardening and homestead-type living off the land are becoming very appealing to many because of the uncertainty of our future and the number of chemicals farmers are using,” Vickie said. “Many are asking if we will teach them…to plant, harvest and preserve, which includes canning, dehydrating, and freezing, as well as have one’s own meat and eggs.”

“There will be lots of fun for the whole family,” she said. “Questions and answers session on sustainable organic lifestyle..for adults.”

“In the children’s areas, they can…milk a cow and learn how to churn cream into butter, pet the animals in the petting yard, take pictures in photo cut-outs, hear a story about working on a farm, gather eggs…play educational games and meet Kernal Corn himself!” Vickie said.

A graphic of the Shead Farm.

The Shead farm is located at 2468 Cavalry, Garland, south of Fort Scott.

For more information: or 620.224.4149.

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