New Craw-Kan Main Hub Begins on South Judson

Work has begun on a new hub for Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative on South Judson Street.

Excavation work can be seen at the property just south of the Family Video Store on South National Avenue.

“Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative is putting in a small office (at the site),” Bob Guilfoyle, Craw-Kan Plant Manager, said. “It will be an office, the main hub, for our electronics. It will be unmanned.”

“It is mainly for the internet (service), but we offer cable TV and telephone also.”

The building will be approximately 800 square feet facing Judson Street, he said.

The footprint of the Craw-Kan office is pictured here, behind the pile of chat.

“Ken Clary is doing the dirt work and Luke Thomas the concrete,” Guilfoyle said. “We hope to have the building done by the middle of January.”

From National Avenue looking west, the spot is across 18th Street to the east of the Fort Scott Cinema.

Currently, there is a “node” or spot for internal traffic for the surrounding service area located in the Bourbon County Courthouse in the old jail section, he said.

“There will be three nodes total,” Guilfoyle said. “One on the east side of town, one at the golf course and one at the jail. The main core will be at the 1729 S. Judson, the new location.”


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