New Business Spaces Available Soon

Jeff and Jamie Armstrong stand in front of the property they are developing into business suites. Submitted photo.
Eighteen years ago,  Jeff and Jamie Armstrong came home to Fort Scott and started raising their family here.
 “We love our community and despite the challenges all small towns face, we still believe Fort Scott has something special,” Jeff said.
The couple had discussed ways to encourage more young professionals to return to Fort Scott.
“We have often talked about developing property and finding a way to recruit more young professionals like us to come back home,” Jeff said. ” We were surprised to learn late last year that the building my wife currently runs her investment office out of, was getting ready to be listed.”
” We had been considering moving her office to another location in town…but we weren’t finding much we felt good about,” Jeff said.   “We ran the numbers, prayed for wisdom, and took a calculated leap of faith.”

They purchased the property at 1711-1715 S. National Avenue on December 31, 2018, and started a business, which they call Legweak, LLC.

The Legweak Property, located at 1711-1715 S. National Avenue.  Submitted photo.

“We wanted to use our family name somehow, so it is a play on our name. ARM STRONG …LEG WEAK,” Jeff said.


U.S. Cellular, Subway Restaurant, and Edward Jones Financial Services are the existing tenants at the building the Armstrong’s purchased.
 The Armstrongs began asking small business owners what they want and need in a space.
“We’d love to continue working with those types of professional businesses that want a nice storefront with good visibility,” Jeff said.
“Surprisingly, we found a lot of sole-proprietor-type businesses don’t want all the extra space and expenses,” he said. “So we started looking at a shared office space.  It makes a lot of sense for small professional businesses who want a higher-end workspace without the extra overhead.  We will continue to develop the other four units (about 4800 sq ft) as we find needs in the community.”
There are seven units total, one of which is already under lease.

 Each unit is a 12’x10’ office and shares a full kitchen, an ADA Compliant bathroom, and room for a shared receptionist down the road.

For more information:

Jeff and Jamie Armstrong at
or 620-224-3036 or
search  on Facebook at @legweakllc

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