Employee Spotlight: Jessica Mowen, Animal Control Officer

Jessica Mowen. Submitted photo.

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Jessica Mowen, 46, is the Fort Scott Police Department’s Animal Control Officer.

Her duties are varied.

“I  take care of the Fort Scott Animal Shelter, clean, feed, care for dogs in the kennel, adopt out dogs, reunite dogs with owners, I take in abandoned dogs in which I adopt out,” she said. “I’m dispatched to all animal control calls, whether it be dogs, raccoons, opossum, groundhogs,  or armadillo.  I take calls for animal neglect and abuse and do investigations for these calls, I’m dispatched to aggressive/dangerous dog calls. I check for city tags and vaccinations. I write citations for ordinances that are not upheld.  I remove deceased animals from the roadway. I educate people on how to properly care for their animals.”

The shelter is located at 601 N. Barbee and has hours of operation of
Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. To call the shelter, phone 620-223-1700 and leave a phone number with dispatch.

The Fort Scott Animal Shelter is located at 601 N. Barbee. Submitted photos.

On Saturday and Sundays, Mowen cleans and feeds the dogs housed at the kennels, she said.

She has had a passion and great love for animals since very young and pursued a career as a veterinarian technician in 2006.

“I  worked with a few amazing veterinarians throughout the years who have taught me so much,” she said.

She has been the animal control officer for Fort Scott for almost six months and the best part of her job is reuniting lost dogs with their owners and adopting out dogs to new homes, she said.

Some of the challenges are trying to teach people and encourage them to care for their pets in the correct and lawful way, Mowen said.

Other challenges are adopting out the dogs she has in the kennel and “sometimes actually catching the dogs at large,” she said.

2 thoughts on “Employee Spotlight: Jessica Mowen, Animal Control Officer”

  1. She is the best city employee…she loves each and everyone of those animals she picks up! The shelter is always clean and her willingness to work with people has lead to many donations and awareness of what she does. City budgets being what they are she often needs extra things and when she puts that info out , people are anxious to help. The new dog pen is one of the best examples. She deserves all the best!

  2. The animal control officer definitely provides service that is essential and also speaks volumes about the character of a town. No matter how good the schools are or how many golf courses and acquatic centers are available, seeing a dead animal “flattened” on the road entering that town does not project a positive community image. Animal Control Officer, thank you for what you do for all the animals.

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