Downtown Barber Shop Coming Spring 2021

Mayra and Jose  Montanez in front of the building they purchased at 118 E. Wall in December 2020. Submitted photos.

An Overland Park barber’s family was impressed with the homes and brick streets of Fort Scott when they would shop here.

“We have a property in Mound City and drive to Fort Scott to shop,” Jose Montanez said. “We fell in love with the old Victorian homes and streets like cobblestones.”

The family was from Puerto Rico and lived in Boston for some time, he said.

“This kind of felt like home,” Jose said.


“We are excited,” he said. “We started our business 20 years ago, and are excited to start again in Fort Scott.”


“We are hoping, God willing, to provide modern cuts with ‘old school’ vibes,” Jose said. “Old school razor cuts, hot lather shaves.”


He currently owns a barber business in Overland Park, while living in Shawnee.


“There is a barbershop on about every corner, here,” Jose said.


Currently, Fort Scott has no downtown barbershops.


When the family purchased the building for the new shop at 118 E. Wall, in December 2020,  they also purchased a home in Fort Scott.

“We are hoping to be here full-time in the spring,” Jose said.


The building at 118 E. Wall that the Montanez family purchased. It is west of the Hole in the Wall Liquor Store. Submitted photos.

“We are going to make Fort Scott our home,” he said.

He, his wife, Mayra, and their daughter, Jay, and son, Giancarlo, will all be moving to Fort Scott.


Jay Montanez giving a haircut at the family barbershop in Overland Park. Submitted photos.

Jay and Giancarlo are also barbers.


Giancarlo Montanez giving a beard trim at the family barbershop in Overland Park. Submitted photos.
Photo of Jose Montanez’s barbershop in Overland Park. Submitted photos.
A three-chair family barbershop is coming to Fort Scott. This a photo of the Montanez business in Overland Park. Submitted photos.

“There will be a three-chair barbershop in Fort Scott,” Jose said.

“We are tying up loose ends in Overland Park,” he said. “We will be coming to Fort Scott every weekend, also prepping our house to sell (in Shawnee).”

Jose Montanez giving a shave with a straight razor at his family barbershop in Overland Park. Submitted photos.

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  1. So glad that you and your family are coming to Fort Scott. please let us know when you open for business. Looking forward to meeting you.

    1. A story was published yesterday on the opening of the barbershop. It will be in a few weeks.

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