Bourbon County Cars Expands

Bourbon County Cars is moving from this location. Submitted photos.

Bourbon County Cars, a local used car dealer, is moving July 1.

“We’ve been looking for a place to buy on the highway, for several years,” Josh Jones, general manager, said.

“I wanted to own the building so we can carry more inventory,” he said.

“We are moving about 25 steps away to the south,” Dave Shepherd, president, and owner of the business said.

The current business location is 15 E. Huntington Blvd., the new location is 1810 S. Main Street, the recently vacated property of Pizza Hut.

“The location is a little better,” Shepherd said. “More inventory display area.”

Steve Anthony (Sales), Josh Jones (General Manager), Josh Binford (Sales), David Shepherd (Owner/President) and
Bud Hall (Sales). Submitted photos.


“We have started stocking newer inventory,” Shepherd said.

Along with expanding the inventory, to include newer model cars, the business also has added some additional financial services, Shepherd said.

“For customers who qualify, there will be financing rates as good as anywhere,” he said.

The business offers both in-house financing and outside financing, Jones said.

In addition, a new salesman has been hired, Jones said.

On The Horizon

Jones will take over the business, eventually.

“I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life,” he said. “Josh is somebody I trust….the goal is for Josh to buy it (the business).


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