Bob Jackson: Chaplain For Boubon County Sheriff’s Office

After serving as a Bourbon County Sheriff Deputy for over 33 years, Bob Jackson recently completed a master’s degree in chaplaincy.
“After completing my bachelor’s degree in Religion / Christian Counseling, I continued on to achieve my MD in Chaplaincy because I believed chaplaincy was a good fit for me,” Jackson said.
Bourbon County Deputy Chaplain Bob Jackson, left, receives a congratulatory handshake from Sheriff Bill Martin on his earning his Master’s of Divinity Degree. Courtesy photo.
“I have served this community for the past thirty-three-plus years in law enforcement and believed, for now, God wanted me to continue serving Him in law enforcement serving the sheriff department as both a deputy sheriff and the department’s chaplain,” he said.
“I believe that God has called me to serve Him in two different areas,” Jackson said. “He has called me to serve Him as the Chaplain for the Sheriff Department in which the department has never had one. And, I believe that God has placed me in Uniontown, Ks, as the School Resource Officer as well. Since the start of school, I have felt such a overwhelming desire to serve these kids and the teachers. I believe that God’s will is for me to repair the damage that has been done over the past several weeks between our communities and law enforcement.”
His duties include ministry on the job and with fellow officers.
“My duties as a chaplain will be to minister to those who are experiencing the loss of a love one, or a friend,” he said. “To be there for my fellow officers and their families, when they are experiencing difficulties dealing with the stress that comes with law enforcement. The biggest duty of all is to have compassion for all as God has for us. These are just a few examples and certainly not all of the duties that a chaplain will perform.”
Jackson received both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree through Liberty University online.  His bachelor’s degree in May 2017 and master’s degree in May 2020.

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  1. Congratulations Bob! That is so great that you’ve gone the extra time and effort to get that new degree. Thanks for everything you do for our community.

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