BOCO Review Launches Website

The BOCO Review is a new weekly newspaper that will start publishing next month. They have launched their website at You can subscribe to the paper from their website. Local residents pay $38.50 for 52 issues of the paper with slightly higher rates for non-local subscriptions. Subscriptions to the online paper can be had for as little as $25 per year.

Microwave Tower Demolition

Before buried fiber optic cables were common, microwave towers offered one of the best ways of transmitting data signals. As more and more fiber has been installed, the microwave towers fell into disuse. Roughly two decades ago, the AT&T office in Fort Scott installed a large tower for microwave transmission. It is now being taken down.

Below are some photographs of the demolition work being done to remove the tower.

Beacon Soup Line Scheduled

Mark your calendars for Thursday March 29th. The Beacon Soup Line will be held at the Scottish Rite Temple from 11am until 7pm. You can visit the Facebook page and Join to indicate that you plan to come and then share it with friends from the area. If everyone helps spread the word, we can make this the biggest year for a very important local organization.

County Commissioner Meeting 3/23


The heavy rains have shut down one road in the county that has become impassible due to mud. The Commissioner’s discussed TWorks funds and how to best make use of the funding that is available. There are $270,000 available and Bourbon County has plans for $100,000 of it.

The commissioners went into Executive session to discuss non-elected personel with Marty. No action was taken.

John Wonderly from Fulton

Asked if they could get a white line on old 69 high way from 54 to the county line.  He also said that there was a big bump in one of the bridges and wondered if it could be fixed. Chairman Coleman said that the cost of adding a line would be very expensive and at this time the county doesn’t have the funds to add lines to that road.

He was also concerned that the Fulton City Attorney (Valorie Lebanc) was requesting more funds for an assistant. He doesn’t understand how she can work for both the county of Bourbon County and the City of Fulton and wanted to make sure that she wasn’t spending time she is being paid for Bourbon County to do work for the Fulton City Court.

He was recently served a summons from the City of Fulton due to farm equipment and trash and said that he would have preferred if someone had just have come to talk to him about it.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schweikert

They were concerned about a creek that had sticks and tree limbs clogging it up. The Chairman said that they would probably need to talk to the State of Kansas about it.

There was also concern about the planned walking trail along the Marmaton River. They said that there was land that would come back to them from the vacated railroads and they had heard that the property was going to the trail instead of coming back to them. Mr. Endicott said that he had heard the railroad was going to be using that area again. The Scheweikert’s said they would prefer to have trains using the property rather than a trail because she doesn’t want four wheelers in that area. She was also concerned that the trail would push out the wildlife.

Mr. Endicott said that the Riverfront Authority was running into some problems securing some of the property they need for the trail so he said they didn’t need to be concerned about it for awhile.


County Commission Meeting 4/19

The commissioners were asked why they requested $5,335.67 from the Treasurer’s bond through KCAMP and not the additional $1,130 that was mentioned in the audit. They said that since the $1,130 wasn’t directly from the period being audited, they didn’t feel they could pursue it based on the audit.

KCAMP has stated that they intend to pursue reimbursement from Susan Quick (County Treasurer).

The county was not clear if collecting on the bond would change the Treasurer’s ability to run for office. However, it appears that it doesn’t.  People running for public office are not required to be bondable to run, but certain positions must be bonded to serve. The county pays the fee for bonds for elected officials. It appears that pretty much anyone will be bondable but the cost may be much greater depending on the risk. It is unclear if the county would be responsible for the bond at any cost or if there there is a limit to the amount the county will pay.

The county attorney came to see the commissioners to ask what they intended to do with the check the received from KCAMP. Susan Quick (County Treasurer) previously asked the commissioners to send the check back to KCAMP. She suggested that the money could be paid from the Treasurer’s office budget or that the Treasurer’s office could attempt to recover the funds from the companies and individuals the underpaid.

Susan Quick (Treasurer) had told the Terri Johnson (County Attorney) that the commissioners had told her that they were required to go after the bond. Terri Johnson said there was no specific statute requiring them to go after the bond, but an argument could be made that they would not be fulfilling their duty to the county if they didn’t pursue it.

Chairman Coleman brought up the fact that Susan Quick said that these were errors from the computer. The commissioners said they wanted to be careful that they aren’t overstepping their bounds in making the claim and they also want to make sure they aren’t picking on an individual. After some discussion, they decided it was within their responsibilities and voted to go ahead and cash the check.

KCAMP told Terri Johnson that it is very rare that a claim against a bond comes in.

Angie Timi requested a speed limit on East Kansas RD because of the high speed of vehicles on that road. She was concerned about how fast people drive down the road and that there would be an accident. The commissioners voted to put in a speed limit sign on that road.

There was some discussion about properties that were annexed by the city, but feel that they have not been provided the promised city services and would like to be de-annexed. Terri Johnson has requested documents from the city showing how the properties were originally annexed to see what options they may have.

Marty found out that TWORKS would pay for the sign that was part of the request for a sign and flashing light over at Uniontown.

Brian Snyder presented a signed petition to close Willow at 135th street to try to keep people from driving out in his fields to go “off roading.”

County Receives Bond Check for $5,335.67 from KCAMP

On March 15th, the Bourbon County Commissioners received a letter and check for $5,335.67 from KCAMP in payment for lost tax interest revenue from the Treasurer’s office.  According to the letter, KCAMP is now requesting payment from the Treasurer for $5,335.67. A copy of the letter can be seen here.

As discussed previously, the law appears to require that a suit be filed to recover money from bonds. The commissioner’s decision to pursue the matter directly from KCAMP allowed them to recover the fund without the cost of of a lawsuit.