New Weekly Newspaper

Wednesday April 4th, Bourbon County will have a new newspaper. H & H Publishing is launching the Bourbon County Review to report on local news, sports and other “reader-driven” topics.  Jerrod Handly said that plans for the paper were started due to the overwhelming community desire for a locally owned newspaper in the county.

Mr. Handly said that he recently negotiated a deal that will let him keep the printing in Kansas. He said he is going to try to keep as much of his business within the state as possible.

The paper will be printed once each week and readers can subscribe to the print or online editions.

You can get more details from the press release. To subscribe to the paper check with H&H Publishing downtown or call them at 620-223-6200.

2 thoughts on “New Weekly Newspaper”

  1. I have walked past their office downtown several times and it looks very nice. We, too, are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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