YPL starts new year with goals

The Young Professionals League began its 2016 year Friday with an opportunity for the members to get to know each other, hear about what events will be held throughout the year and set goals for themselves.

2-6 YPL Meeting

Recently elected YPL president Bailey Lyons said the group, which currently includes about 40 members, plans to participate in such community events as the career day at Fort Scott High School, the Beacon Soup Line and the Historic Preservation Association’s Home for the Holidays and Moonlight and Mistletoe tours. They will also consider participating in local parades.

“We wanted to make sure our events align with our mission,” Lyons said, saying for that reason they decided not to participate in other events.

That mission and vision of the YPL is to use the organization to be a catalyst for a better community through progressive partnerships and networking, which Lyons said is one of the foundations of the YPL.

The YPL leaders also decided to organize their monthly business meetings, held the first Friday of each month at noon at Papa Don’s, into quarters, with each quarter including a meeting focused on networking, leadership training and professional development and a week to hear from community leaders.

The young professionals will also hold social gatherings the third Friday of each month for the members to gather in a more informal setting. Members are also encouraged to keep track of their volunteer hours throughout the year, and at the end of the year a community service award will be presented to one of the members.

Those attending the first meeting also had a chance to set personal and professional goals, as well as list new things they might like to try this year, what they’re most looking forward to and how they want to better Fort Scott.

The annual YPL dues of $35 are due by April 1, for those wanting to join.

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