YPL holds fundraiser for the Beacon

The Young Professionals League is again holding their annual fundraiser for the Beacon, but this year decided to sell enchiladas instead of hosting the soup line as they had previously.

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Current YPL president Bailey Lyons said they moved away from the soup line in order to be more efficient with the YPL members’ time as well as the money that went into it to purchase ingredients. Since the enchiladas are ordered in advance, there will not be an excess amount of food. Local churches made monetary donations to help pay for ingredients this year.

“We feel like we’re going to be able give more to the Beacon this way,” Lyons said. “Our goal is to be able to hand over more money to the Beacon.”

Lyons said she had used enchiladas as a fundraiser in the past for Relay for Life, and they had been so well-received that she had gotten requests for them in years following. Lyons said the YPL hope they will again be successful in raising funds for the local food pantry.

“This is the Beacon’s largest fundraiser of the year,” Lyons said, saying the organization counts on the YPL fundraiser, including it in their annual budget.

The homemade enchiladas can be ordered by the dozen for $20, with any combination of beef, chicken or cheese enchiladas. The enchiladas come in an aluminum pan ready to bake or freeze for a future meal.

The enchiladas must be ordered by Wednesday, January 25, either by calling Lyons at 620-224-7795, or by ordering online at the following link: https://www.ypl-bbco.org/enchiladas/.

The pick-up date is Saturday, February 4, between 2 and 5 p.m. at the Kennedy Gym. If buyers are unable to pick them up at that time, Lyons said they can arrange a delivery.

“We’re happy to make special arrangements for people,” Lyons said. “They just have to let us know.”

Lyons said they have already had businesses order enchiladas for their employees for meals or giveaways. The enchiladas will also be available by the Super Bowl for parties.

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