Young Entrepreneur: Katy Shead

This is part of a series featuring young entrepreneurs.

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Katy Shead. Submitted photo.

Katy Shead, 16, is providing tutoring services for school children for a business.

She attends a virtual school.

“I provide online tutoring services for people in my online school,” Katy said. “I mainly tutor math but I helped one student with basic Latin last school year.”

Her  academic advisor and  teachers recommend her to families.

“Also, people have made posts requesting tutors on my school’s Facebook page,” she said. “I have also started doing free sessions to advertise.”

Katy started tutoring as a business during the 2021-2022 school year.

“My academic advisor asked me if I would like to tutor a girl in Saxon Math 5/6,” she said.” I had always enjoyed helping my brother, cousins, and classmates with school, and I was excited to try to help this girl.”

She seems to be a natural teacher.

“I enjoyed the creative challenge of finding engaging ways to present the material to her,” she said. “She was very sweet and we had a lot of fun. This past year I got to tutor her again and her sister as well!”

“It’s sometimes difficult to tutor online – especially with a subject where showing work is mandatory,” she. “I use WebEx to video conference with my students and we work on the whiteboard.”

Katy practicing constructions for the Geometry review. Submitted photo.

“I sent a document camera to one of my families with two students so that I could see both their work and their faces at the same time to pinpoint confusion as soon as possible,” she said.

She has tutored 5th and 6th grade, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.

“One of my students in Algebra II lives in Cambodia,” she said. “It was so interesting to hear her stories and perspectives.”

This coming year, she is taking on greater challenges.

“I hope to tutor more upper-level math such as Pre-calculus and Calculus I, as I am going to be taking Calculus II next year,” she said. “I also hope to tutor higher levels of Latin if there is an opportunity.”

A recent geometry final review she held, had 35 students.


Katy Shead with her geometry class. Submitted photo.

She is the daughter of Mark and Haley Shead, rural Fort Scott.



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