FSCC Women’s Flag Football Recruitment Begins

Women’s Flag Football is coming to Fort Scott Community College.

“Flag football is an emerging sport which has gained popularity across the country in recent years,” Tom Havron, FSCC’s Athletic Director said.  “Many NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) schools in the region have started the programs, and FSCC is proud to be one of the founding members at the NJCAA level.”

“Flag football will be a female sport, consisting of 15-20 team  members,” he said. “We will have students at FSCC fall of 2022, but the inaugural season will be a spring sport starting in 2023.”

Tom Havron is the FSCC Athletic Director. Submitted photos.

“Women’s Flag Football has been a growing commodity across the nation and FSCC intends to provide an opportunity for these student-athletes to continue their passion for the sport while pursuing their education at the collegiate level.”

“Similar to the Fort Scott youth flag football program, the FSCC team will feature women who play the game at a high level,” he said.

“FSCC is currently recruiting students to start competition in the fall of 2022,” Havron said.

Flag football. Submitted photo.


“As flag football is an emerging sport, there are not many people who have much experience in the region,” Havron said.  “We have communicated with the area NAIA schools who have started the program in the past few years and hope to learn and grow with them.  FSCC was awarded a $10,000 grant from the NFL and NJCAA.  Part of this will be used to seek professional development activities for our coaching staff. ”

“We will practice on the FSCC campus at the turf field, and hope to play our games at Frary Field as well as other regional institutions,” he said.


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