Wind Power Coming to Bourbon County?

Photo from the Jayhawk Wind website.

The Kansas wind could benefit Bourbon County financially.

Apex Clean Energy, headquartered in  Virginia, is exploring the feasibility of constructing Jayhawk Wind, a wind energy project expected to generate up to 195  megawatts of clean, homegrown energy, according to

Local wind data confirms that the Bourbon County area under consideration is ideal for a project of this size, which will produce enough safe, pollution-free energy to power up to 48,750  Kansas homes every year, according to the website.

Apex is working with local landowners, community leaders, and various stakeholders on the project and welcomes input into the planning process.

The Jayhawk Wind project hosted two moderated public forums on Wednesday, Oct. 30,  one Hepler and one at Fort Scott Community College’s Ellis Center to answer residents’ questions about wind energy and Jayhawk Wind.


The is proposed area is in the southwest part of Bourbon County and the Hepler / Walnut areas of Crawford County.

“Over 100 residents attended both forums where industry experts discussed sound, property values, environment and wildlife impacts and protections, development, construction, and operation of a wind farm, what new revenues the two counties can expect, and short-term and long-term job creation,” according to the press release.

“Construction will initially create 318 full-time equivalent jobs,” said economist Dr. David Loomis, who conducted the economic impact study, according to the press release.  “These include jobs directly related to the project as well as jobs created by the additional economic activity including new demand for goods and services at area restaurants, merchants and local businesses.”

Dr. Loomis presented how Jayhawk Wind will create an entirely new source of long-term revenue for local schools, government services, and property owners, according to the press release. “The total direct financial impact to the region will be in the millions of dollars over the life of the project, with additional indirect economic benefits to the local economy.

A complete economic impact report will be released in the coming weeks, according to the press release.

“Many of the residents who attended are landowners who are already participating in the project as well as considering participating in the project,” according to the press release. “Landowners with wind facilities on their property will receive annual lease payments. These payments will continue over the projected 30-year lifespan of the wind farm, injecting millions of dollars into the economies of Bourbon and Crawford Counties, supporting local merchants, contractors, equipment suppliers, auto dealers, and others.”

Apex development director, Jade Scheele, said the power generated by Jayhawk Wind will be delivered into the Kansas electrical grid, reducing the need to import electricity from outside markets.

Videos of the forums will be posted by Nov. 22, to, as will a written document providing all the questions asked at both forums with the answers.

Bourbon County Commissioners identified economic development as a priority in October 2018 and hired Jody Hoener to lead the county’s economic development efforts, according to a press release from Hoenor.
The commission gave Hoenor the task of identifying development opportunities which would result in new revenues and jobs for the county.

“One of the developments identified as a positive source of revenue is a wind energy project, so we were pleased to learn that a company has proposed to build a wind farm here in Bourbon and Crawford Counties,” Hoenor said.  “Throughout Kansas, wind farms create a substantial new source of tax revenue and add to the local economy.  We think the Jayhawk Wind project offers an opportunity for Bourbon County residents.”


Before a project can be built, agreements will be negotiated to ensure that Bourbon County residents benefit from the project as Kansans do in other counties throughout the state, Hoenor said.


4 thoughts on “Wind Power Coming to Bourbon County?”

  1. So the land owners get rich…..fair enough. But why/how are the schools and county going to make money? More importantly, how is our corrupt city going to spend all the extra money while making sure 99% of the residents never see a dime. Our taxes keep going up, our services don’t…..Highest sales tax in the COUNTRY, highest property taxes in the STATE and region.
    Clean energy? Awesome. Power for 48,000 homes? I’m sure it won’t be our homes.

  2. Why is this just comming out to the public??I have not herd about any of these meating.I am 100% apposed of these being put up and ruining the beauty of our county!!! I for one do not want to see or hear these annoying windmills.I hope all these landowners have done their research and not just listen to the promises of the windmill company and our BB County reps.of course they are gonna make it all sound great to you but in the long run it is NOT great!!! Linn County was smart enough to turn these away I am praying Bourbon County will see that the negitives are huge and turn this away.They make big promises they can’t keep and they arr great at hiding the truth from tax payers and land owners.What happens when the subsidy runs out and doesn’t get renewed??Why would we want these here making noise and ruining our beautiful views??The energy goes to the coast it does not benifit anyone around here let them ruin their views and have the noise.There is no real benifit to anyone except the windmill company and whoever is pocketing some money from this..Land owners don’t believe the promises made you better be checking all the fine print.I have herd horrible story’s about landowners not getting what they are promised from these company’s the government and the community.They are sayimg it benefits Bourboncounty but that is for a short time the long term damage never goes away!!!!

  3. Dr. David Loomis, the economist who said the project would create 318 full time equivalent jobs is 100% wrong. There will be 4 to 6 new long-term full time jobs after the project is complete. During construction, Apex will bring in its own specialized crews to erect the turbines. If you want to see what really happens, ask the residents of Neosho County who have been hoodwinked by Apex.

    Fight against this project! Fight now and fight hard! Only a handful of property owners stand to make anything from this, and the PILOT payments given by Apex to the schools, etc., are a mere fraction of what they would be paying if they weren’t property tax exempt. Meanwhile, the skyline will be turned into a wasteland, which will reduce the value of homes within sight of the giant turbines and that will create a negative economic impact on the whole area.

    The best way to fight these things is to get organized. Get a group together, and elect people to your county commission who will not allow wind companies to run roughshod over the people. These companies, especially Apex, are very aggressive and you have to be on your toes. Get your county zoned and stop the encroachment by Big Wind.

  4. I hope our county and city leadership check this out thoroughly before making a decision.
    We, the taxpayers, seem to be forgotten when decisions are made about what affects us.
    I just can’t see 318 jobs happening by bringing turbines here.

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